Vertical Niche Marketing The Solution to the Decline of the Printing Industry

We know that vertical niche market tactics are essentially designed to appeal to very narrow target demographics. Medical supplies and equipment or heavy machinery parts fall under this category.

It deals with marketing specialized products to a limited consumer base that is often disheartening to dealers to say the least but similarly exciting as well. Towards this end, the Communication Institute (GrCI) at Cal Poly and Schnell Media Consulting three-day workshop Grow Your Business with Vertical Niche Marketing details exactly how to address this nagging concern and avoid pitfalls in the process.

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Graphic Communication Niche Marketing

This aims to explore how graphic communication can boost a company business in a niche growth-oriented market. It revolves around balance print with non-print digital imaging to produce the most effective communication media (1) non-profit but also for (2) the retail market, (3) travel and leisure subsidies. This in a way offers immediate plans for attendees to deal with the three basic markets.

The forum covers cross media options and how each is integrated into the print product mix. Digital printing industry media options like big data, variable data printing, QR codes, near field communication, radio frequency identification (RFID), augmented reality, Web design, mobile apps plus digital asset management and how the options influence personalized marketing.

Printing Industry on Niche Marketing

In a field saturated with media option, nothing beats personalized communication, since it offers best results in taking in new clients and furthering added business opportunities from existing clientele. As Harvey Levinson GrCI director further says Such personalization is meant for specific individuals and specific markets. This program is the first of its kind for teaching printing industry professionals how to enter very focused and specific niche markets, and how to understand their special needs and interests.

Nobody ventures into business without the intellect and experience to ace every business opportunity. This promises to be an insight as it brings practical solutions by providing attendees with easy to understand steps coupled with new technology and time honored systems. Graphic communication service providers can benefit most, but the printing industry can as well be part, including printers, publishers and graphic designers.

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Remember, this workshop is all about the vertical niche market and aims to help anybody willing to put into practice graphic communication skills on how expand business opportunities on very limited target market.

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