Top 5 Features Of The HP Designjet T2300 EMFP

The recently launched HP DesignJet T2300 eMulti Function Printer is recognized as the most collaborative printer in the market today. What with its large format design and web sharing capabilities, this printer is a must-have gadget for architects, engineers, design teams and construction personnel. Now architectural plans and instructions can be relayed directly from the design office to construction sites anywhere in the world. Below are the top 5 features of the first ever web-ready and large format multi function printer.

1. Large Format Design. Technical drawings come in various sizes and oftentimes in dimensions that are beyond the specifications of regular inkjets and laser printers. The design technology behind HP DesignJet T2300makes possible the scan, copy and color printing of blueprints, sketches and printed plans.
2. One Click Touchscreen. The T2300 also comes designed with a touchscreen interface that allows the single click scanning, copying and printing of documents. This deliberately streamlines access to its various features.

3. Web-Ready for Increased Mobility. Another great feature of the HP DesignJet T2300 is its web service capability. Now users can scan and upload technical documents directly to the web and allow recipients from anywhere around the world to print it. Consequently, this feature supports increased efficiency as plan additions and modifications prepared directly from the office can be printed onsite for the immediate implementation of design changes.

4. HP ePrint Share Platform. As an added bonus, users can hook up with HP web printing service called ePrint and Sharethat supports the automatic creation, printing, sharing and management of large format content online. Architects now have direct access to stored plans online, specifically when needed and particularly available as print-ready files on a single screen.

5. Most Affordable in its Class. Retailing for a little below $8,500, the features packaged for this large format multi function printer definitely speaks volumes.The HP DesignJet T2300 is considered as the first true large format multifunction device in the industry. For this printer unit, HP also introduces another first in the industry – Driverless Printing. Connect the printer to a notebook or hook it up with a USB drive without the hassles of installing print drivers or encountering networking issues.

HP has practically revolutionized project design and construction activities through the introduction of the HP DesignJet. The large format multi function printer will definitely streamline the flow of information in a construction setting to make it much more direct while reducing the likelihood of errors that could result in backlogs. The unit being portable is ideal for new design professionals as ocular site visits can now be conducted only when it’s really necessary.

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