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Toner Refill Kits : Reduce Color Printing Expenditure On The Xerox Phaser 2135

The Xerox Phaser 2135 is a color laser printer renowned for producing high resolution, full color pages at the remarkable speed of 21 pages per minute (ppm). The unit runs on straight paper path technology which considerably reduces the incidence of paper jams while sustaining favorable print delivery turnout. As such, the printer uses 4 sets of toner cartridges OPC Drum combo and 4 sets of laser scanning assembly but utilizes only a single fuser responsible for bonding toner permanently to paper fibers. To simplify image development, toner coming from the OPC Drum is laid by way of electrostatic potential on the ITB (image transfer belt), before coming in contact with paper (media) and prior to entering the fuser assembly.

The Phaser 2135 prints on bundled replacement toner consumables that aggregately cost $1,100. These are supplied in four CYMK (cyan, yellow, magenta and black) cartridges with each color yielding some 15,000 pages at 5% coverage. The black cartridge retails at $100 while the color cartridges are sold at a counter price of $345 each. The cartridges are high yield, so the printing cost per page (CPP) is obviously very low. Despite the low CPP, it is for a fact that the pricing of its consumables can be very restrictive to the budgets of regular laser printer users.

What makes the Xerox Phaser toner cartridge expensive to produce? The new generation toner cartridge comprises of the toner cartridge and OPC Drum duo. While the toner cartridge is rated at say 15,000 pages, the OPC Drum has a lifecycle that exceeds that of the cartridge at around 60,000 pages. Therefore, the still functional OPC drum gets disposed whenever the toner empty cartridge is discarded. In manufacturing the cartridge and components alone, the cost could reach $150 add the cost of the OPC Drum at over $250 and you got a staggering total cost.

How can we reduce color-printing costs on the Xerox Phaser 2135 laser printer? The practical option would be to refill its high capacity and standard cartridges with a compatible toner refill kit. Using Laser Tek Services Phaser 2135 compatible toner refill kit, the user can save as much as 80% from the bundled pricing of OEM monochrome and color cartridges without sacrificing print quality and yield. Toner refills can be administered on the empty cartridge based on the Industry recommended frequency of up to 3 times or until such time that the OPC Drum has reached the end of its effective lifecycle.


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