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The Xante Ilumina 502 Series : From Commercial Offset To In-House Printing

The Xante Ilumina 502 Series: From Commercial Offset To In-House Printing

Just when you think that the office color printer is the answer to the company’s printing requirement, then comes along Xante Ilumina solutions that pushed color printing to a new dimension. Users of this particular office machine have the confidence to produce printouts with impressive color reproduction quality. Yes, the Xante Ilumina Digital Color Pressis equipped with the large league features’ of commercial offset printing – but on a much smaller scale.

Now corporate users won’t have to shell out extra for a few hundred copies exceeding their requirements just to keep up with the run lengths of offset printers. The Xante Ilumina solutions can be a heady option with very low production cost. While this printing machine precisely captures corporate colors over printouts, print jobs are not limited to letterhead, business cards and packaging. As the printer can handle oversized and thick stock media, corporate image banners, calendars, greeting cards, fine looking boxes, table wraps, tents, t-shirts and many others can also be produced. Scan below in detail the fine features and benefits of this printing machine.

  • The Ilumina 502 can print on oversized media such as a double thick cover up to paper weights of 75 gsm to 502 gsm which is normally produced only by large-offset printers.
  • Cut down expenses on business printing by eliminating the need to order short run, color print jobs from offset printers (which can be expensive) as the Ilumina 502 delivers stunning, high quality printouts on a wide variety of paper in a matter of seconds to therefore not compromise the productivity of office personnel.
  • With the Ilumina 502, users can produce only the number of copies required and as needed, without minding the minimum run lengths set by offset printers to reduce CPP (cost per page) and the related production schedules as well.
  • The printer can handle a wide range of media from gloss and matte coated papers, super-coated and premium uncoated transparencies and even uncoated, fiber-enhanced papers of differing textures.

Just recently, Xante Corporation and Pantone, Inc. (the global authority on color reproduction and initiator of professional color standards for the print industry) inked an agreement placing the entire Xante Ilumina solutions as Pantone accredited. The accreditation puts Xante Ilumina in a class reserved only for the best in the industry.

Does it ever occur to you that the cost of a set of CYMK Ilumina replacement toner cartridges is a little more than $1,000? Those working on a tight-string budget can opt to refill empty Xante cartridges with a compatible Xante toner refill kit instead of replacing it with brand new cartridge units. Retailed for three-quarters less than the OEM cartridge, refilled cartridges deliver the same print quality and yield as its OEM counterpart.

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