Managed Print Services: The Numbers on Cost and Savings and Criteria to Provider Selection

Managed Print Services: The Numbers on Cost and Savings and Criteria to Provider Selection

The single biggest expense that businesses must contend with is printing costs. In today€™s office environment where digital technology and in-house printing are prevalent, document production cost is hard to manage.

Surely businesses cannot leave employees to use the printing assets freely nor ask that prudence be exercised. There must be strict supervision or printing costs will skyrocket. Designating a printing supervisor to oversee printing activities would only amplify expenses.

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1% to 3% revenues are lost to unmanaged printing expenses.
Businesses avoid the outsourcing of print jobs because printing costs are really comparatively high. Instead, many offices rely on in-house printing because the cost differential is tolerable. However, in-house printing cannot guarantee the reduction of printing expenses for big businesses with high volume print requirements. Still a sizeable part of revenues is lost in the process. To manage the situation, most businesses hire managed print service providers or MPS.

Why are MPS relevant to modern businesses? MPS are independent service providers hired by businesses to manage in-house printing costs and reduce cost burdens. These are whole teams that assess the printing requirements of a business. Once parameters are set, MPS bring in its own personnel and related equipment commensurate to the printing requirements of the going concern. Actually MPS providers literally take over the office printing operations. This set up is largely similar to outsourcing except that it is done locally in-house.

A managed print service can save businesses as much as 40%.
What is really enticing about MPS is the printing costs savings this service can generate. Imagine if a company spends $3 million annually to meet printing demand, as much as $1.2 million is saved and channeled back to the office coffers. Not only is the savings substantial but it also liberates the company from worries pertaining to equipment upgrade, maintenance, printer consumable supplies, and lead times.

How to select the best MPS provider? Track record is a major consideration. Magnum is the managed print service arm of Xerox and therefore would be a good starting point. The name speaks for itself. Given its top of the line equipment, print runs should be efficiently handled and breakdowns are few and far in between. Besides, maintenance is not a problem with the MPS provider since less-performing equipment is immediately pulled out from the site and replacements are herded in to avoid printing under runs.

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If your business in-house printing cost is no longer rosy as expected hire an MPS or managed print service provider. MPS implement programs aimed at reducing in-house printing costs by 40% and increasing personnel productivity as well.

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