Green Printing : Now Relevant In The Choice Of Printers And Consumables

Around 20% of Americans now insist on buying only products that were manufactured according to green standards. Indeed, green living has evolved subconsciously as a way of life and the penchant for green living products is not just a fad. Cost and quality are still the primary factors to a purchase decision but the green mindset is now apparent in consumer purchase behavior. The same outlook is also prevalent in the choice of printers, its consumables and the type of media used. What can be expected in the next few years then is the surge in demand for green printers, recycled paper and of course green printing consumables.

One of the most untended printer peripherals are empty ink and toner cartridges. These are the waste products of businesses that have caught the fancy of environmentalists. Over 200 million of these cartridges are disposed annually across the United States and the pile of e-garbage is growing at an alarming rate. Considering that these plastic cartridges will only start to decompose after a thousand years, particular attention is finally in high gear to find practical solutions to the disposal of empty cartridges without the relative effect to the environment.

Recycling Empty Cartridges

Recycling used ink or toner cartridges is a green printing solution that promises substantial benefits to the environment. In fact, this has prompted the State of California to mandate recycling initiatives. The State’s SABRC program or State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign obliges government agencies to procure compatible and recycled toner cartridges in addition to products now essentially on the list. However, not all cartridges can be recycled due to restrictions imposed by printer manufacturers on OEM cartridges. The availability of compatible toner cartridges in the aftermarket is also largely dependent on the supply demand situation as well.

Refilling Ink and Toner Cartridges


The refill of empty ink and toner cartridges is another green printing approach. Ink and toner refill kits are green living productspertinent to printing that are now popularly used in the mainstream. The do it yourself refill of empty ink and toner cartridges happens to be a very effective recycling system that can extend the printing capacity of a cartridge sometimes more than twice its intended lifetime.

Produced by third party manufacturers, ink and toner refill kits are more affordable than its counterpart green living products such as the compatible toner cartridge. Moreover, they are cheaper by up to 80% than OEM cartridges. Aside from raking in substantial savings, the green printing method of refilling empty cartridges contributes heavily to the upkeep of the environment by delaying the eventual disposal of these cartridges into cramped landfills. The conduct of do it yourself refills is ideal for users of phased out printer models and consumables that are no longer in circulation. Nonetheless, many users have now gravitated to the use of compatible consumables, particularly due to cost considerations.

The modern day consumer’s mindset is driven towards green living products. Thus, becoming green or environment conscious is no longer a relevant social movement but is now a way of life.

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