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EA-HG Toner : Save And Produce Better Quality Laser Prints From This High Grade Toner Technology

What is the EA-HG (Emulsion Aggregate High Grade) toner as utilized on the Xerox Phaser 6140 color laser printer? The Xerox EA-HG toner is probably the smallest sized toner (particles) available in the market today. Because of its miniscule size – ranging from 3 to 5 microns in diameter, the toner can produce fine prints as well as deliver higher contrast and sharper print detail. Moreover, the use of EA-HG type of toner requires only 20% to 30% less toner per page of printout compared to conventional toner formulations. More importantly, this toner technology is eco-friendly as its manufacture emits 65% less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Now what makes EA-HG technology different from conventional toner technology? The traditional method of manufacturing toner relies heavily on producing pallets composed of various substances (polymer resins, colorants, etc.) that are are mixed and jet milled to come up with the correct toner size applicable to a particular laser printer. This system results in toner particles with jagged edges – not uniform in shape, and featuring sizes that are 11 microns across each particle. Toner particles are re-milled and pass through a series of sieves in order to produce the size that is appropriate for laser printing. Due to its irregular shape, toner particles do not roll freely into the dots or images formed on the OPC drum, resulting to a lot of wasted toner.

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The EA-HG toner technology employed by Xerox Corporation on the other hand manufactures toner through chemical and water based emulsion. The systems utilized allow toner particles to grow in a controlled environment. Thus, technicians can literally create toner particles of any size: from 3 to 10 microns, and shape: spherical or oval, to fit Xerox laser printer specifications. This increases print efficiency, as the mentioned toner features help ease the transfer of toner particles from the cartridge as it rolls over to the cavities made by the laser scanning assembly on the cylindrical OPC drum surface. This further reduces toner waste and elevates print quality while sustaining yield rating.

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The Xerox 113R00722 toner cartridge that loads the Phaser 6180 laser printer costs as much as $90, and is rated 3,000 pages at 5% page coverage. But with an expected toner efficiency, the print capacity could be boosted to as much as 3,750 pages or around 25% more. The cost of the toner cartridge can really be a big financial drain, but with the use of superior quality toner, users are guaranteed of uncompromising print quality and more pages from a particular gram load of toner. So if the user seeks unparalleled image quality over printouts, the EA-HG toner should be the answer.

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