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Color Printing FAQs For The Xerox 7760DN Laser Printer

Although most color laser printers are now retailed around lower cost parameters, the price can still be restrictive that buying a unit actually requires careful assessment. If a color laser printer is intended for office use, a network printer with sufficient onboard memory and designed for easy connectivity, efficient paper handling and reliable print speeds will prove to be ideal. The mentioned bundle of features will be useful to a workplace environment where the laser printer unit is typically shared by departments and among employees. A color laser printer that would not be able to accommodate the expected information streams will practically contribute to reduced workplace efficiency and productivity.

Let us look into the capabilities of the Xerox 7760dn color printer if its features are well suited to an office environment through a set of FAQs or frequently asked questions.

Does unit cost commensurate to its features and functionality? The Xerox 7760dn currently retails for around $4,500 and based on its design and performance specifications, the printer could perfectly fit any office environment. The only drawback to this unit is the cost of its consumables, particularly the 4 color toner cartridges that load the printer. Given its bundle price $730, getting a replacement for 4 empty toner cartridges can really be budget restrictive.

Nevertheless, this dilemma can be easily resolved through the use of a toner refill kit. Instead of purchasing brand new cartridges each time these disposable consumables run out of toner supply, what the user can do is institute refills on the empty cartridge using a third party manufactured toner powder a.k.a compatible toner. The Xerox 7700 toner refill kit consists of 4 bottles of compatible toner powder that are intended to refill the 4 color cartridges. The monochrome cartridge is rated 12,000 pages while the 3 color cartridges are expected to yield 10,000 pages based on the 5% industry coverage  just like the OEM toner. Consumabe cost is basically lower at $182.95.

Can the printer unit published print speed adequately serve the print requirements of a small – medium size workplace? By all indications, the printer can likely deliver the print speed necessary to moderate waiting time in between print jobs and sustain desired efficiency and productivity levels as well. The 7760dn churns out color printouts at the speed of 35 ppm (pages per minute) while monochrome prints are served at the rate of 45 ppm.

Can the printer unit efficiently handle print traffic emanating across different users in the workplace? Now that would depend on office size. Certainly, an office with about a dozen personnel would have a different print volume requirement versus one that runs a 100 personnel office. For the latter, a single Xerox 7760dn unit will not be able to handle the high volume of PC streams expected from its larger workforce. In this case, 2 or 3 printer units are likely needed.

What is the print capacity of the Xerox 7760dn? The unit monthly duty cycle of 150,000 pages at 5% coverage rightly fits an office with a monthly print volume of say over 100,000 pages.

Given the favorable responses to the above FAQs, potential buyers can now lay to rest contentions about the 7760dn capability to operate more than satisfactorily in an office setting.


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