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Clean Earth Campaign : Canon’s Recycling Crusade

Launched during the 1990s, Canon USA’s Clean Earth Campaignis a global environmental program with initiatives that include the collection and recycling of used toner cartridges from its consumer base.

The campaign has so far achieved remarkable success for today, it is recognized as America’s premier corporate environmental management program. In its almost 20 year run, consumable collection has ballooned to more than 110,000 tons around the globe, to tremendously surpass its set collection targets. Used cartridges are sorted out and subjected to a thorough recycling process to conserve energy during the remanufacturing stages; thus resulting to reconditioned imaging components, new cartridges and several other printer peripherals.

Consumers who intend to participate in the recycling program are instructed to follow set procedures outlined in Canon’s website; particularly on the dispatch of empty cartridges to Canon through the parcel services of UPS; that is free of charge. Just like HP and Xerox, UPS is the official carrier of packages deposited in particular drop off points and with UPS outlets as well. As added convenience to the participating consumer, shipping labels can obtained from Canon’s website and printed directly from the PC. Each label comes secured with a unique tracking bar code to facilitate shipping in an efficient manner.

Canon highly appreciates the efforts of its customers at recycling Canon-brand consumables. However unlike HP’s “”Staple Rewards“” Program; no incentives, rebates or tax deductions are offered in exchange for every toner cartridge returned. Nevertheless, Canon assures its consumer base that it operates state-of-the art recycling facilities found in several sites around the globe. Moreover, empty toner cartridges pass stringent procedures in the remanufacturing of its components.

To further strengthen this commitment, Canon applied for an ISO 14001 Certification and consequently designed its recycling plants based on the ISO standards for environmental management systems. Today, all of Canon’s worldwide network of recycling facilities are ISO 14001 classified. This will put beyond question Canon’s promise to conform to rated environmental policies as well as comply with ongoing environmental laws and regulations to help conserve and protect the environment.

End users of Canon toner cartridges should not be solely dependent on Canon and its recycling centers for the responsible disposal and remanufacture of used or retired consumables. Recycling can in fact be undertaken on a personal scale. The simple reloading of an empty toner cartridge with a compatible Canon toner refill kit to extend the unit’s life for up to 3 or 4 print cycles is already a sign of commitment to the environment.

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The unit’s toner cartridge can be recycled

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