Xerox Solid Ink : The Eco-Friendly Printing Solution

Xerox Solid Ink The Eco-Friendly Printing Solution

The undue rise of electronic garbage or e-garbage disposed over landfills and dumpsites has become a perennial ecological problem. Printer accessories such as toner cartridges are likely contributors to this predicament. According to statistics, over 2 billion new toner cartridges are produced annually which actually compounds the e-garbage dilemma.  As such, OEMs like Xerox Corporation have been developing eco-friendly printing solutions and consumables such as the Xerox solid ink and solid ink printers.

Solid Ink Printer System. Instead of toner or ink cartridge, solid ink printers utilize solid ink blocks or solid ink sticks that are melted inside the printer to produce more vibrant, clear, and razor sharp color documents. The Xerox solid ink printer operates with only 3 major assembles, so the possibility of failure is nil. Moreover, it follows a simple printing process.  The unit comes equipped with a print head that transfers liquefied ink into the print drum; a print drum that transfers the residual image into the paper or media; and finally a control board or the brain that controls all the activities of the printer.

Print Performance. Xerox solid ink printers are designed with really short paper paths. This would only mean that these types of printers are fast and reliable, to deliver the fastest first page out time when compared to other printers. Actually 5 solid ink sticks can be loaded into the printer at a time to ensure long uninterrupted printing, but again this would depend on the printer’s model.

Eco-Friendly Consumable. Xerox solid ink technology was first introduced in 1991 and has since received multiple awards due to its technical importance. As only 10% waste is extracted in the process, this is perhaps the most important contribution of solid ink technology to the environment. And because solid ink is manufactured using vegetable oil, it can actually decompose like organic garbage €“ eliminating it as a pile of junk. Furthermore, solid ink is non-toxic and like crayon is safe for anyone to handle. The resin based substance will therefore not stain the handler’s hand or clothes.

Affordable Technology. Xerox solid ink technology delivers superb color printing to consumers at black and white prices. The introduction of the ColorQube 9200 series actually erases all color printing stumbling blocks, making solid ink printers really affordable to a wide range of users.

As the garbage menace continue to haunt consumers globally, the Xerox solid ink ColorQube printing technology will continue to rise in stature and eventually become the yardstick in the development of future generation, eco-friendly color printers.

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