Xerox Phaser 7800 Color Printer : Why It’s Ideal For Graphic Designers?

Advertisements that appear in magazines, newspapers, and even the web are graphic designs intended for a particular audience. And judging from the intricate forms of graphics now incorporated into designs, the graphics artist must rely on a sophisticated set of high-end computer and printer to deliver impressive results. To this end, the Xerox Phaser color printer and the equally reliable Xerox toner cartridges can be trusted to complement and put into paper whatever a design professional can envision. Of late, touch screen machines have also become a component of the design process.

In the past, graphics artists create the pattern on plates, which are then transferred to the display medium. Today, graphic artists do the preliminaries on the computer. Thereafter, these are converted into digital format and transmitted into printers like the Xerox Phaser color printer for the turn out of a visual copy or a hard copy.

Operating with the HI-Q LED print engine technology, Xerox Phaser 7800 and its Xerox toner cartridges have been specifically engineered to serve the requirements of graphics professionals. Intelligent color management, superb media handling and touch screen machine functionality are among the top features that address head-on the print requirements of graphics artists.

Intelligent color management. This is possible with the PhaserMeter„¢ Color Management Device, through X-Rite and Adobe PostScript 3. This tandem offers print accuracy up to the lifetime of Xerox toner cartridges. In fact, the Xerox Phaser color printer operates with a license from PANTONE that guarantees precise color matching sequences. And with printouts delivered at 1200x2400dpi (dots per inch) resolution, what can be expected are vivid and colorful ads, marketing flyers and sales proposals.

Superb media handling capabilities. Media that weighs 75 to 350gsm can be loaded to this color printer. Moreover, the printer unit can accommodate more paper sizes as compared to competing brands. In fact, at the 45-ppm (pages per minute) print speed, design boundaries have been breached in the printing of books, calendars, postcards and photos. In addition, no reduction in print speed has been observed even when the unit is utilized for duplex or double sided printing.

Touch screen functionality. It is second nature for this touch screen machine to make operational navigation simple. In fact, its touch screen functionality effectively raises print efficiency to complement the fast turnover of printouts. Toner levels in the Xerox toner cartridge can be easily monitored as well, including pages already printed or pending for printing. Moreover, the low-melt EA toner in the Xerox toner cartridge reduces power consumption substantially.

Remember that for graphic artists, a touch screen machine connotes speed and likewise produces stunning print quality that is more than adequate for the required tasks.

Photo by: ian123

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