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Xerox Phaser 6140 Color Laser Printer : Affordable True Color Printing With An Eco-Friendly Promise

Now that the new Xerox Phaser 6140 laser printer is out in the market, the majority of consumers can heave a sigh of relief because at last an affordable color laser printer is available. It is a fact that color laser printing is expensive; but with the Xerox Phaser selling for only $399 while its replacement cartridge is retailed for less than $90 each, color printing is no longer confined to big businesses but also to budget-conscious individuals.

What does the Xerox Phaser 6140 bring into color printing?

Xerox through the years has sustained its reputation of providing the best office imaging equipment. That is why operating a Xerox machine in offices or even households can give users an upright feeling of superiority and a class by itself. This new equipment from Xerox delivers the following features:

Expressive colors or printouts that seem to spring out of the box. Printouts produced by the Phaser 6140 come to life with head-turning color quality and powerful color boosts.

Print resolution of up to 600x600x4 dpi (dots per inch). Photo-quality images await the Phaser 6140 user given the printer’s vibrant color reproduction capabilities.

Xerox exclusive toner technology. The Phaser 6140 prints documents using Xerox’s Emulsion Aggregate High Gloss (EAHG) toner powder. The EAHG toner comes engineered as uniform-sized and shaped particles to produce superior image details, line characterization and text that are extra sharp and clear.

Color Simulation and Correction. The unit is also equipped with Pantone Color designed solid-color simulations and the dependable Xerox Color Correction Technology to generate precise and true colors respectively over printouts.

True Adobe PostScript. The Phaser 6140 supports this Adobe Imaging Model to further ehance color and graphics printouts.

All of these features are packed into the Xerox Phaser 6140 laser printer. At an affordable cost, the user gets high resolution prints that can always be expected from a Xerox machine.

But wait! The Xerox Phaser 6140 is also an Energy Star rated laser printer having passed the stringent measures on energy use promulgated by USEPA (United States Environment Protection Agency). Moreover, this printing equipment is part of the Xerox Green World Alliance a global movement organized to encourage printer users to recycle and dispose supplies and consumables properly.

Thus with recycling now forming part of Xerox’s commitment to the environment, consumers must also do their share in the recycling process. The most sensible option is to use a compatible toner refill kit on empty Xerox toner cartridges, rather than disposing these consumables nonchalantly to clog dumpsites and contaminate waterways.

Photo by Stuart Miles

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