Why Get a Refurbished Fuser Unit?

When a printer fuser is returned, it is shipped to the manufacturer. It is then thoroughly inspected, and restored to its original specifications if needed. Once done, it is tested and repackaged for resale. Such items can no longer be sold as ‘new’, and can only be sold as ‘refurbished’. The refurbished fuser units are sold at a lower price than the ‘new’ item.

What Is A Printer Fuser Unit?

A fuser consists of rollers and a quartz lamp that runs the length of the roller to set the powdered ink onto the paper. The lamps create considerable heat and consume most of the electricity that laser printers use. The rollers press the toner into the paper, which is why paper often comes out of copiers and laser printers warm to hot.

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A printer fuser unit is an essential component of a laser printer or copier that fuses the toner to the page. Without it, the toner would constantly smudge and would become illegible when it is touched by the fingers.

Is there a significant difference between a refurbished fuser unit and a new one?

Besides the price and the restoration that commences after a printer fuser unit is returned, there is no significant difference between a restored unit and a new one. Restored units by a capable technician are similarly capable than new fusers. These technicians that refurbish fuser units are from the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Rest assured that these units go through standard quality control measures in ISO certified facilities.

For example, a HP Laserjet 1010 fuser is returned by the user to a store. The store then ships the returned units to HP, the OEM. HP will then thoroughly inspect, restore, and test the unit. These will then be resold to shops for a lot less than bran new units.

Benefits of Purchasing Refurbished Fuser Unit

A refurbished fuser costs less than a new unit and reduces the amount of trash that goes to landfills. The materials in drum cartridges may take decades to decompose. People can recycle the spent drum cartridges at office supply stores and electronics stores, or send them to collection centers that use the returned cartridges to refurbish and sell again.

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If a printer, for an instance a HP laserjet 1010, fuser breaks down. Refurbished Fuser Unit can be purchased as replacement for the defective one. There are a lot of ways to reduce TOC and total printing costs. Information about these can easily be found in the internet.

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