Why Do People Still Use Discontinued Printers Like HP Color Laser Jet 4700DTN?

Although the HP 4700 series have been discontinued, many still prefer using this printer especially on most demanding working environments. This is clearly due to its high volume printing prowess on both mono and color outputs. Some say this color laser jet is a relic of the past and a reason enough for discontinuation. However, this series specifically the HP Color Laser Jet 4700DTN is not to be taken for granted when it comes to mass productivity.

Consumers are naturally attracted to the lower priced machines that can still work for certain purposes. Compared to genuine color laser printers, discontinued printers that are available in the market usually come as refurbished. This means such machines are slightly used but are still on its best condition. However, this is not the case for the HP Color Laser Jet 4700DTN. It still proves to be very reliable and can level that of newer models in terms of performance. These are some of the reasons why it works best for high volume printing:

The HP Color Laser Jet 4700DTN produce quality print outs with consistency. Consistency is a must for high volume printing which is not a problem with this machine. It can produce high quality outputs on demand every time, all the time. More to that, such feat is accessible for both wired and wireless networks. Everyone in the network can enjoy mass printing without compromising quality.

The machine’s 2,600 total sheet tray capacity minimizes print interruptions. The efficiency of this feat greatly adds to the high volume printing capability of the HP Color Laser Jet 4700DTN. This significantly improves the mass printing capability of the printer which will certainly enhance the overall productivity of a working environment.

High capacity toner cartridges are widely available to further productivity. To match the input capacity of the HP Color Laser Jet 4700DTN, consumers can use high yield toner cartridges that can last up to 11,000 pages at 5% standard coverage. Even after its discontinuation, print consumables are still available for this printer. More to that, consumers can opt for the more affordable compatible toner cartridge replacements. Aftermarket toner cartridges can meet and sometimes exceed the quality and yield amount in pages that of the OEM counterparts.

Talking about cost-efficacy, the discontinued HP Color Laser Jet 4700DTN stand at par with newer models. Its high volume input capability backed with an OEM or remanufactured high yield toner cartridge makes it suitable for high volume printing even on daily basis. The value in price of this printer continue to go down with time but its worth is not diminished.

Credit: freedigitalphotos.net

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