What’s Inside A Toner Refill Kit?

Manufacturers of toner refill kits put a premium on convenience and that is the reason why the refill procedure is so easy to follow through. Just like the order of champagne in hotels, the bottle comes packed in ice and glasses for expediency. This is the concept behind the design of toner refill kits – to provide users a hassle-free conduct of the refill process. As such, the user not only gets supplied with a bottle of replacement toner powder, but also all the other tools necessary for a successful refill.

Let us look into the materials and tools that are typically bundled with the toner refill kit:

Compatible Toner. The bottle of compatible toner is the most important part of the kit since the supplied fresh powder will replace the depleted toner supply of the cartridge. Compatible toner is made of high-grade carbon and polymer components that is 100% compatible with the cartridge subject for refill.

Funnel Cap. The kit also comes with a funnel cap. Said device is attached to the toner bottle rim to assist the user in the transfer of toner powder to the hopper and avoid toner spills in the course of the refill.

Latex Gloves. Since contact with the toner powder could not be avoided, a pair of latex gloves is an integral part of the kit. The wear of said gloves during refill helps prevent the onset of stains and blemishes over the hands.

Lint-free Toner Wipe The item is used to clear toner residues lingering over cartridge surfaces which is typical during the course of the refill.

Instructional Manual. Of course, the user can’t proceed with the refill without an instructional material that would outline the step by step refill process. The procedures come illustrated with photos which only simplifies comprehension of the set procedures.

Other tools, though not bundled with the toner refill kit, may be required such as:

Reset Chip. Toner cartridges such as the HP Q6000A are outfitted with a lockout chip that prevents the cartridge from performing print jobs after the printout of a particular number of pages. As such, the lockout chip needs to be replaced with a third party reset chip which is either supplied with the kit or sold separately.

Refill Tool. While other cartridges are designed with fill plugs to conceal the toner hopper’s fill hole, toner cartridges such as those of HP do not have fill holes to begin with. Thus, the need to create a hole on the casing, leading to the toner hopper becomes necessary. The refill tool comes in handy to this end and allows the user to melt holes over the toner hopper and the waste chamber as well.

Get your toner refill kits and refill accessories from legitimate vendors such as Laser Tek Services, Inc. Expect our toner products to be 100% compatible with the cartridge you intend to refill.

Photo credit: verseguru / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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