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What You Need To Know About Toner Refill Kits And Remanufactured Cartridges?

What You Need To Know About Toner Refill Kits And Remanufactured Cartridges

Are you a first time toner refill kit user? If yes, then most likely you’ve come across terms that may have piqued your interest for the time being. And so to help expedite your understanding of the nitty-gritty of cartridge remanufacturing and toner replenishment, find below a discussion of a few terminologies that is relevant to the business and use of refill toners and toner cartridge remanufacturing.

Melt and Pour versus Unplug and Pour.

In the world of cartridge remanufacturing, cartridge units are categorized into 2 types: the Drill and Fill type (Now regarded as the Melt and Pour method) while the other one is called the Unplug and Pour type.

The melt and pour system is an earlier refill method that requires users to melt a hole into the cartridge’s casing to create a fill hole. This created fill hole becomes the transfer point for toner powder to the cartridges toner chamber and is sealed with electrical tape. HP Canon and Lexmark brand toner cartridges are refilled in this manner. Meanwhile, the Unplug and Pour method of refill is applicable to particular OEM cartridge models such as Brother and Samsung, where users are required to remove screws attached to the casing so that the plug concealing the toner bin is revealed.

Prior to the purchase of a toner refill kit, determine what type of refill method is appropriate for the cartridge you intend to reuse for another cycle of printing. HP 2600 toner cartridges do not come with a plug hole. Thus, you will need an electronic toner refill tool to replenish its toner supply.

Matte Finish versus Glossy Finish.

Are you printing photographs or office documents? Depending on the print job required, toner refill kits are also engineered to meet pertinent output specifications. In the print out of images and graphics, a touch of gloss would definitely produce vibrant images with a shiny finish. Thus, getting a glossy finish toner refill kit for your cartridge will serve that purpose. In case print jobs are limited to the print out of text documents, a matte finish refill kit will suffice. Photographic images would appear grainy and lackluster when a matte-finish refill kit is used. So prior to purchase, check out the nature of the print job.

The gram weight of the toner supplied would determine the yield (in number of pages) for a particular bottle of toner. Nonetheless, any user should know that cartridges coming from the same model and of the same laser printer brand use the same plastic casing. Thus, a standard yield cartridge can be converted into a high yield cartridge by simply purchasing a high yield toner refill kit.

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