Understanding The Printer Model Number

The printer model number (a series of letters and numbers) is actually a condensed form of the printer information that will reveal the printer’s features. Several models would have similar digits coded but differ in the letters attached, which means that one could be a color printer and the other a monochrome laser printer. The information is vital because this indicates whether a printer could be serviced by similar print engines and therefore be able to load the same toner consumable cartridges.

What laser printer features differ even when the digit number identification is similar? Even if the printer comes from the same model series, different functions are added or omitted so the printer can fit a particular printing application. Some of these include print speed while others are geared towards extensive monthly duty cycles, and a few are considered economical with a low cost per page ratio.

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  • Print speed. ‘ It is not dependent on the print engine design but more on the capability of the electric motor to drive printing speed to the hilt. This means that a printer can print with a low 10ppm (pages per minute) or a high 24ppm using the same print engine.
  • Monthly duty cycle. ‘ It is patterned after the robustness or durability of the printer, since printing capacity on a monthly basis can reach 20,000 pages to as much as 200,000 pages. However, printers with very high monthly duty cycles are built to withstand high-volume, continuous printing efficiently without breaking down.
  • Low cost per page ratio. These are printers designed for moderate printing requirements, so top print speed and high monthly duty cycle is not necessary. The equation is directed towards toner consumable consumption that can deliver a modest cost per page every time it needs to print.

Printer specifications must be studied carefully, not just the printer model number when comparing models in order to pick the perfect printer suited to the requirement.

What other information is included in the printer model number? To give direct information to users, let’s use the LJ HP C9500dn/MFP as example.

  • In this case LJ means LaserJet.
  • C is the code for color laser printer while the number 9500 denotes that the printer is part of the 9500 family of printers.
  • The d in the model number indicates that it is a duplex printer while n means that the printer can be used for a networked PC environment or a number of PCs can use the same printer simultaneously.
  • MFP stands for multi-function or print, scan, copy and fax.

So long as the unit carries the four-digit identification (9500), the printer is therefore eligible to load the same replacement toner consumables in cartridges designed for family series printers.

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While a printer model number can already provide users the basic information in code, reading and understanding the printer’s specification coupled with lengthy test runs with its toner consumables will accurately provide the answers to pick the best laser printer for any printing application.

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