Ultimate Guide To Buying An All In One Color Printer

All-in-ones is the order of the decade and this is best exemplified in the manufacture of multi function (MFCs) laser printers and inkjets. The basic conglomeration of copy, fax and scan functions into a printer unit is aimed at reducing office expenditures and avoiding clutter in one workspace as well. Moreover, the all in one printer has totally streamlined typical office jobs and raised productivity to several notches higher.

For those looking out to buy all in one printers, it would be in your best interest to look beyond the novelty of getting a fax, copier or scanner bundled into the laser printer or inkjet. In fact if you are getting an all in one printer to serve the multiple document requirements of an office or a home office, then don’t just scrutinize the unit printing capabilities also check if the respective specification of its integrated scanner, fax and copier is well suited to the needs of the users.

In this regard, we recommend the careful assessment of the specifications below as the set criteria in the purchase of an all in one printer.

1. Print Specifications.

2. Scanner Specifications.

3. Copier Specifications.

4. Fax Specifications.

5. Paper Handling Capabilities.

6. Photo Printing Capabilities.

7. Memory.

8. Connectivity.

9. Power Consumption.

10. Consumables

Each of the mentioned criteria will be discussed in our succeeding posts. It is our goal to provide you with comprehensive all in one multifunction printer tips that would help you shop for an all in one printer that would best serve your office or home office requirements.

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