Ultimate Guide To Buying An All In One Color Printer : Bundled Devices

Why buy an all in one color printer? A typical office will need a printer unit, a fax machine, scanner and a photocopier to implement its documentation and communication requirements. Having all these 4 devices around can indeed help sustain productivity and personnel efficiency. But then again, buying 4 individual office devices not only eats up a lot of office space but also amplifies equipment acquisition costs. Moreover, the presence of equipment naturally adds to workspace clutter.

In view thereof, the all in one color printer was invented to help streamline the office environment as multifunction printers help reduce equipment acquisition costs, minimize the office footprint and increase productivity since the all in one device services multiple office tasks. Hereunder is the first part of our ultimate guide series intended for those looking out to buy an all in one printer.

Scanner Specifications

Reviewing the specifications of DPI and Bit Depth of an all in one scanner device is of paramount importance to offices regularly safekeeping digital files of hard copy documents. While a mid-range scanner is adequate for the basic scan of monochrome documents, getting a high resolution scanner with higher Dots Per Inch (DPI) settings is well suited for the scan of color photographs, photographic materials and other graphic images.

Bit Depth also matters so that a 36 bit scanner has the upper hand over a 24 bit scanner in the accurate analysis of tonal information and precise reproduction of colors derived from the scanned material. A high resolution scanner (bundled with an all in one color printer) that likewise offers generous bit depth makes possible the reproduction of high quality digital files with more details preserved in every pixel.

Speed is another feature that a buyer should consider because scan speed will ultimately have its impact on personnel productivity. A slow scanner will require more time to scan thereby delaying task turnover. Get an all in one color printer that can scan say 8 to 10 digital copies or 3 to 5 photographic images in a minute.

Copier Specifications

The photocopier is likely an indispensable office equipment.  Next to the printer, this device is also frequently used day in, day out. And so for an office that intends to get most of its documentation requirements from an all in one color printer; then the bundled copier specifications must be assessed prior to purchase.

Rated Speed and Duty cycle are key copier specifications that must be considered by anyone intending to buy an all in one printer. Offices dealing with long copier cue lines each day will need a photocopier that operates at the rated speed of at least 12 copies per minute or CPM for monochrome copies and 9 CPM for color copies. Also consider the first copy time or the number of seconds it takes for the copier to scan the document and reproduce the first copy.

Getting an all in one color printer bundled with a high duty cycle copier of say 2000 copies per month is favorable to workplaces handling heavy photocopy workload each month. If your copy requirements are below 50% the published duty cycle, then search for a unit with a lower duty cycle rating or you will end up underutilizing the equipment.

Other top of the line features that could make the copying experience more pleasant include finishing capabilities and high copy resolution of say 600 x 600 dpi and 1200 dpi for monochrome and color copies respectively. Now between a laser printer copier and an inkjet copier, the former produces better quality prints on stock paper and is also more economical in terms of toner cartridge usage.

Facsimile Specifications

Transmission rate or how fast the bundled facsimile device can deliver per page of faxed messages is a primary consideration for anybody looking out to buy an all in one printer. For users transmitting typical fax data, then a 9600 bps fax machine with transmission time ranging from between 10 to 20 minutes will suffice. Fax machines with higher transmission rates will prove to be more convenient and economical in the long run.

For the receipt of more intricate facsimiles of say color images, select an all-in-one printer that supports high dpi resolution and likewise supplied with sizeable memory specified in number of pages.Now between an inkjet fax machine and laser fax machine, the latter is more reliable in terms of print speed and maintenance though it costs more to acquire than the inkjet fax machine.

Printer Specifications

Certainly, laser printers that can print over 50 pages per minute or ppm will be considered a sound acquisition. Printers designed with faster print speeds typically come packaged with higher monthly duty cycles or the maximum number of printouts it can turn out in any given month without needing printer servicing or maintenance thereafter.

So by all means, buyers should review the all in one color printer print speed and monthly duty cycle before settling for a single unit. The laser multifunction printer offers better speed and duty cycle specs than an inkjet multifunction printer. Offices that tackle heavy print volumes each month will do well with the laser all in one while the inkjet all in one will serve better the requirements of a home office setup.

In the second part of this guide, must have all in one color printer features will be discussed to further help users prospecting to buy an all in one printer.

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