Toshiba MFPs : The Speed And E-Bridge Advantage

Toshiba MFPs -The Speed And E-Bridge Advantage

If one thinks primarily of print speed as the catalyst to raising office efficiency and productivity, Toshiba printers definitely fit the equation.  Speed performance is definitely a Toshiba trademark that is engineered into every printer series that comes out of its assembly lines. Of course, speed is just one of its main features.

Technical advances do form part of Toshiba MFPs that make it at par with competing brands and therefore assure users of superior print quality. This includes superior laser imaging quality, reliable connectivity options, unmatched print speeds and scanning capability; not to mention features that are geared towards the protection of the environment. Moreover, an equally reliable Toshiba laser printer cartridge accompanies every printer package to support the special features of its printer line.

Print speed makes Toshiba printers special. The e-Studio 6550c series, for instance, are office multifunction laser printers that can easily turn out color documents at the speed of 65 ppm (pages per minute) and monochrome prints at 75 ppm. The print speed is awesome since it takes less than a second to print each document. No other printer can come close to this speed performance. At such blinding speed, the printer is still capable of achieving a maximum print resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi (dots per inch) and scan at the resolution of 600 x 600 dpi. Moreover, the VGA control panel of the printer unit allows easy access to frequently used function icons.

Consumable supports print speed. The Toshiba laser toner cartridge completes the printing package and therefore complements all the technical advances engineered into the Toshiba printer. If toner properties and the very mechanism of the Toshiba laser toner cartridge cannot keep with the printer’s rated speed, then print quality will be adversely affected. Print speed and print quality must work hand in hand to achieve a level of efficiency that is sought for in a nearly perfect printing solution.

Toshiba Linux e-Bridge control system. Toshiba MFPs are envisioned to provide direct link to e-STUDIO printers and several other devices to improve its connectivity, printing management, system customization and several other functions.  This advanced feature is officially known as the e-BRIDGE Fleet Management System. The system allows device grouping, centralized monitoring and administration. e-Bridge likewise reports usage and consumption data for e-studio and multiple release MFPs in its network.

In the end, Toshiba laser toner cartridges are critical components to the quality of prints turned out by speed monster MFPs developed by Toshiba.

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