Top 5 Best Printers For College Students

Top 5 Best Printers For College Students

College is a place inclined for extensive academic work. The reason is of course the endless research and the seemingly limitless reports that really requires patience and determination. And when one proceeds to graduate studies, even more is required. Thus, a really reliable printer is needed to meet the expected print job volume throughout the user’s scholastic years.Below are 5 monochrome laser printers that are likely destined for the magnitude of workload expected when studying at a university. Apart from being equipped with a generous print speed, excellent dpi (dots per inch) resolution and wireless networking features, these printers turn out low CPP (cost per page) documents and are set with affordable upfront costs.

Brother HL2270DW

The Brother HL2270DW wireless monochrome laser printer is a speed monster that delivers printed documents at the rate of 27ppm (pages per minute). It is also a print miser given a CPP rating of only 2.12 cents. Despite being wireless, installation is however not a big deal for this unit that can be acquired for only $149.99.  The replacement cartridge is available for only $55 (yield 2,600 pages based on 5% coverage), but a toner refill kit is also available for only $14.99 if the user intends to refill empty replacement cartridges.

Brother HL2170W

This is another printer set for college work given a still generous print speed of 23 ppm. In terms of dpi resolution, the unit is designed with resolution similar to the 2270DW of up to 2400 x 600dpi. However, this Brother printer operates with a higher CPP at 2.5 cents.  Again for users on a budget, a toner refill kit is available for only $8.90 that should substantially cut printing expenditures.

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Samsung ML1630W

Third on the list is a wireless monochrome laser printer. The Samsung ML1630W sports a small footprint and sleek features while hardly emitting disruptive noises when in operation. Plus, the ML1630w is designed to compliment any room interior with a piano black finish no control buttons and blue LED’s make it too elegant for its cost. The smallest laser printer in the world is half the size of its nearest competitor.


Samsung ML2525W

Another Samsung unit makes it into our list. The Samsung ML2525W only needs 5 minutes to install given a plug and go installation process that is really quick and simple.  The wireless connectivity delivers high speed performance without compromising print quality.  The ML2525W operates fast at 24 ppm and the first page out time is 9 seconds that should suit well with college print requirements.

HP LaserJet Pro P1102

Finally, wrapping up our top 5 is the HP LaserJet Pro P1102. This is likely the best printer for college students. Selling for only $99.99, the unit would definitely serve well the printing needs of those in a tight budget. The upfront unit cost does not compromise performance either because speed fares well at 19 ppm and the unit’s set dpi resolution of up to 1200 x 1200 can still generate crisp, sharp and really clear laser printouts. The replacement toner cartridge however comes with a yield rating of only 1600 pages and with its retail price of $66, CPP is 4.25 cents. Recycling the cartridge with toner refill kits should bring CPP to a much affordable level.

College students rely so much on the printer, particularly on print speed to meet deadlines and lower CPP to abide with the budget. Plus, reports and term papers are submitted in black and white €“ thus the best printer for college students is ideally a monochrome unit.

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