Top 4 Reasons To Skip The Inkjet And Get A Home Laser Printer

Top 4 Reasons To Skip The Inkjet And Get A Home Laser Printer

When consumers envision a printer for home use, the inkjet always comes out as the popular choice. This mindset has actually been going on for several decades now. The inkjet is typecast to this category, while some sort of €œhome invasion€ for the home laser printer can only be dreamed of as its features and particularly its pricing has predisposed it to office use.

But what drives consumers to rely on the inkjet for home use instead of a laser printer can only be influenced by the cost of the units. While a color laser printer is retailed at around $400, a typical inkjet can be had at $50 after discounts. However the cost of the inkjet is the only incentive because the home laser printer delivers better print quality, speed, and consumable expenditures. Pound for pound a home laser printer will be a better investment than an inkjet printer.

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#1 Print Jobs are limited to Monochrome Prints. Students at the university and young professionals do a lot of printing, from reports to drafts of their thesis and resumes. These documents are typically printed in black and white, not color. In this case, getting a laser printer for home use makes much sense. While black toner cartridges would turn out expensive at the onset versus a black ink tank, the fact that a single laser printer toner cartridge can print up to 3,000 pages (some as many as 20,000 pages) allows it to deliver the most reasonable cost per page ratio.

#2 High Volume Print Jobs are Recurrent. For this amount of workload, printing is best assigned to a laser printer. For one, only a home laser printer can print the most number of pages at a given time frame. Apart from print speed (some at 50 ppm) considerations, the laser printer is durable since the device can withstand high monthly duty cycles of say 100,000 per month (some even higher) without requiring frequent maintenance or yielding to print irregularities over time.

#3 Fine Print Quality is a Requirement. The home laser printer is essential for users requiring professional looking prints. Inkjet print output may have been enhanced tremendously in recent years, but it can never duplicate the crisp, clear text and clean lines of laser printer toner cartridge prints that are also devised smudge free.

# 4 Minimizing Consumable Expenditure is a Priority. A serious look into the consumables of both printers will reveal that the inkjet cartridge will dry out faster and replacements are sold at exorbitant prices. In fact, printer ink is among the top 5 most expensive liquids in the world; more pricey than a rare champagne per ounce.

The laser printer toner cartridge, on the other hand, is more reasonably priced; considering that its print capacity runs into thousands of pages compared to ink cartridges that can only deliver hundreds of pages under the standard page coverage. What more third party consumables such as toner refill kits and compatible toner cartridges? Compatibles are cheaper than the OEM and that puts more sense into investing in a laser printer.

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Home laser printers are beginning to saturate the individual user segment (not just inkjets) because of the quantum performance and cost benefits the devices can provide. Besides saving on consumable expenditure, the printouts are commendable so that laser printers deserve a permanent place in the home.

Remember that laser printers are also suited for home use. But then again, pick the home laser printer that will truly satisfy your printing requirements.

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