Top 4 Ideas on How to Recycle Old Books and Magazines

Is there a mass of paper eating up ample space in your home? Has it become a source of irritation and/or danger perhaps? One of the easiest solutions is to throw them away. However, there is another option you can go for that will benefit you, other people, and the environment as well. Choose to recycle old magazines. Choose to recycle used books.

How to Recycle Old Books and Magazines Ideas

1. Sell old books and magazines. You can acquire money from selling used books and old magazines. Here’s how you do it

  • Hold a Garage Sale.Draw everyone attention by informing your neighbors and friends that you are selling your old books and magazines. You can also post signs outside your house and within the neighborhood to expand your reach.
  • Do Online Selling.This has become a popular undertaking. Recycling online is by far the easiest means through which sellers can reach its target buyers. You can post your advertisement on buy and sell sites like eBay and Amazon, on free classified ads sites or on social networking sites like Facebook.
  • Offer Old Books to Students. New books are pricey and many students cannot afford to buy them. Thus, they tend to acquire used but still functional textbooks that are cheaper. Grab this chance. Sell your old but still useful textbooks to undergraduates.
  • Bargain to Bookshops. Retailers of second hand books also buy unwanted books from the community. Visit the nearest retailer. Bring old books and magazines that will probably be chosen and paid for.

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2. Donate Old Books and Magazines. You can choose to send your used items to people and institutions who are in constant need of materials for learning and certain activities.

  • Hand over to Charities. Reading Tree and The Salvation Army are some of the more popular foundations that accept used books. Check their websites for their donating policies.
  • Give away to Libraries. Libraries accept used books and magazines. These items are archived in reading rooms and added to their collections.
  • Ship Your Books to the World. There are trusted agencies dedicated to handing books to people who need it most. Agencies include Books for Soldiers, Better World Books, and Books for Africa.
  • Sponsor Clinics and Stations. Some businesses and service providers accept used magazines and books. These items serve to entertain customers who are waiting for their turn in certain transactions.
  • Send to Recycling Centers. This is another way to recycle used books and recycle old magazines. It is a preferred option by most people because it does not require much time and energy since the recycling centers will make the decision on the best way to recycle old books and magazines.

3. Trade Old Books and Magazines.Recycle used books and recycle old magazines through a swap over. Swap your used items for new books and magazines.

  • Merchandise on the Web. Various websites replace used books and old magazines for new materials. Try PaperBackSwap, TitleTrader, and Green Textbook Recycling.
  • Transact with Thrift Stores. Some thrift stores trade books and magazines in exchange for other products that they sell.
  • Swap Your Books and Magazines.Barter old items with your friends and family.

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4. Reuse Old Books and Magazines. You can use these items for arts and crafts. There are multitudes of crafting projects and do-it-yourself activities that will make use of your old resources.  freeimages.com is a popular website where you can learn many ways on how to turn your books and magazines into new pieces of artwork and crafts.

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