Top 3 Benefits of Aluminum Can Recycling

Top 3 Benefits of Aluminum Can Recycling

Aluminum can recycling is now a popular practice among metal companies. The benefits of recycling along with the quality rating of Aluminum is the reason why this practice has become the preferable option to the production of a new metal product. This is deemed advantageous to companies in line with cost and profit considerations. Recycling facilities can recycle Aluminum cans a number of times without losing its natural qualities each time. Outlined below are the benefits of recycling Aluminum cans.

Top 3 Benefits of Recycling Aluminum Cans

1. Aluminum Recycling Protects the Environment. Did you know that only 5% of Carbon Dioxide is emitted into the air when you recycle Aluminum cans? This only implies the reduced distribution of harmful substances into our surroundings. The earth’s atmosphere takes in 90 million loads of CO2 annually with Aluminum wasting alone. Through environmental awareness and social accountability, we were able to minimize the ill effects of reprocessing raw materials into metal products to the environment.

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The benefit of recycling further reduces Bauxite mining. Bauxite is an ore needed to make Aluminum. Bauxite mining presents serious environmental issues. Whenever we recycle aluminum cans, we save energy by almost 30 billion kWh per year across the world.

2. Aluminum Recycling Meets Increasing Demand for Aluminum Products. There is a mounting consumer demand for Aluminum from the food and beverage industry alone. It is typically used in packaging cans and containers such as sodas and beers. Now for the automotive industry, most of its parts are made out of this metal.

In order to cope with the demand, metal industries have sought ways to become more efficient in aluminum utilization and reinforced the practice of aluminum can recycling. In fact a huge fraction of aluminum cans that are sold in the US undergo recycling and are remanufactured into new cans and other products in order to sustain the growing need. One benefit of recycling is that this particular metal is easy to reuse. Hence, the demand is satisfied. Recycled aluminum is a material used in cooking wares, gutters, and in some parts of an aircraft.

3. Aluminum Recycling Saves Energy

Conserving energy benefits the environment. Much energy is lost when these items are not recycled. You’ll be surprised at how Aluminum can recycling can save a considerable amount of power. For every can recycled, a 3 to 4 hours run of an appliance set can be sustained. Moreover, a hammer of these metals can sustain about 6 to 7 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity. The quantity wasted each year can drive many cars and motorcycles in months that equal to almost 20 million drums of petroleum since Aluminum makes the car lighter and more performance efficient.

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