Top 10 Inkjet Printers With The Lowest TCO

Total Cost of Ownership or the TCO of a printer determines how much a user will be spending for the serviceable life of the unit. The expected lifetime for color inkjet printers is usually reckoned under a 3 year period. The TCO is an important criteria that determines the cost efficiency of a printer unit as it takes into account all the expenditure related to acquiring and operating the unit within the limits of its specified monthly due cycle.

In this post, we picked the top 10 inkjet printers that deliver the least Total Cost of Ownership for a period of 3 years. The resultant TCO was determined based on the following:

(a) acquisition cost of the printer;
(b) cost of the replacement ink cartridge; and
(c) number of cartridges used (frequency is 20 ink cartridges per annum).

Below are the top 10 inkjet printers listed in accordance with the Total Cost of Ownership rating. Color inkjet printers are ranked according to their TCO figure with rank 1 for the lowest TCO rating and rank 10 for the highest TCO rating.

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1. Topping the list is Brother MFC 990W, an all-in-one printer that delivers print resolution of up to 6,000 x 1,200 dpi (dots per inch), costs $229.99 and can be kept running at a TCO of only $2,447.59

2. Closing in at number 2 are Canon Pixma printers MX860 and MX870. Both color inkjet printers retail at $199.99 and feature a print resolution potential of 2,400 x 4,800 dpi. Corresponding TCO is pegged at $3,317.59.

3. At the third spot are two Brother Inkjet printers, the MFC 5890CN and MFC 5895CW. Each retailing at $199.99, the printer models operate with a resolution of up to 6,000 x 1,200 dpi and exhibit an identical TCO of only $3,437.59.

4. Alone at number 4 is another inkjet from Brother, the MFC 6490CW. Given its dpi capability of up to 6,000 x 1,200, the printer sells for only $299.99 and can be maintained under a limited TCO of $3,537.

5. Another Brother printer occupies the fifth spot. The MFC 6890CDW, with its $349.99 retail price, offers a similar print resolution of up to 6,000 x 1,200 dpi. Nonetheless, total cost of ownership is a manageable $3,587.59.

6. Occupying the sixth spot is the Canon Pixma MX7600. Available at the street price of $399.99, this inkjet offers a generous print resolution and TCO of 4,800 x 1,200 dpi $4,327.59 respectively.

7. In seventh place are color inkjet printers manufactured by Hewlett Packard. The OfficeJet 7000 Wide Format Printer and the OfficeJet 6500Aoperate with dpi resolutions of up to 4,800 x 1,200. Retailing for only $199.99, TCO is kept at the minimum of $4,817.59.

8. At number 8 is the HP the OfficeJet 7500A. The printer sells at $299.99 and operates with a 4,800 x 1,200 dpi resolution. TCO for this inkjet is pegged at $4,917.

9. The ninth spot belongs to the HP PhotoSmart 88550. Retailing for only $199.99, the unit delivers a print dpi resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 and a TCO of $5,537.59.

10. The HP PhotoSmart Premium Fax e C410A completes the list of top 10 inkjet printers with the lowest total cost of ownership. The photo printer delivers print resolution of up to 9,600 x 2,400 dpi, sells at $224.49 and operates with a TCO equivalent of only $5,562.59 in its entire lifetime.

Take note that the color inkjet printers mentioned operate at print resolutions that are within range of each other. A large variance in dpi resolutions will truly reflect on print out quality. The higher the resolution results to better print quality. Correspondingly, the higher the dpi intimates larger ink consumption volume.

Whichever inkjet printer one picks from the top 10 inkjet printers listed, there is the assurance that resultant print quality will be similar.

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