Top 10 Best Selling Laser Printers For 2010

The cost of the printer upfront naturally takes front act in customer preference. However, more discerning buyers explore the technical aspect of the device to pick a model that is more responsive to the printing needs of users.

We have prepared a top 10 list of the best selling laser printers culled from Amazon.com. Let us examine closely how the different printers fared technically leading to the surge in user preference and unit sales.

Brother Printer HL2270DW. Occupying the top slot is the wireless monochrome printer from OEM Brother. Selling for only $99.99, the affordable price tag probably made it a more popular choice to a lot of printer buyers; along with the unit print speed of 27 ppm (pages per minute), built-in wireless and Ethernet network interfaces, and automatic duplex printing. These features likely seal the deal and compensate for the minimal onboard RAM of 32 MB.

Samsung ML-1665. Coming second in our list of best selling laser printers is the Samsung Monochrome Laser Printer. The ML-1665 is a real beauty in terms of appeal despite being ultra small and packs a lot of convenience into its frame. The printer not only is a space saver but also delivers rapid prints, not to mention the very low noise level that complements a conservative office environment.

HP LaserJet Pro P1102w. Third on the list is the LaserJet Pro P1102w Printer from Hewlett Packard. Despite a protracted print speed of 19 ppm, the unit is endowed with a 1200 dpi (dots per inch) resolution for both horizontal and vertical printing sequences that should provide users with clear, vivid, sharp documents compared to any printer in its category. Moreover, HP has claimed that this is the most energy efficient printer in the world.

Canon ImageCLASS MF4350d. Taking the fourth spot in our best selling laser printers list is a Canon All-in-One laser printer. This ImageClass model promises to reign supreme in terms of image clarity. What with its high-end dpi resolution that reaches up to 9600 dpi and a moderate print speed of 23 ppm makes this printer more than adequate for the needs of any medium sized office.

HP LaserJet P2055dn. Another HP printer lands our list and at number 5.  The Monochrome printer is a workhorse as it turns out printed documents at the speed of 35 ppm (pages per minute) and is equipped for duplex printing while being a network ready as well. Complex text and graphics printing is easily handled by a 128MB RAM memory so that users will never experience shortfalls in performance. Of course with a printer this sophisticated, the $283.99 price tag should not come as a surprise.

These are just 5 of the best selling laser printers as culled from Amazon.com.  The list presented is a healthy mix of various brands and models that should portray user preference in the choice of a personal laser printer. It is clear that the popularity of the printer is not dictated purely by cost but a combination of all factors rolled into one that tick users.

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