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Toner Cartridge “Build Quality” Determines Toner Refill Frequency

Given the unwavering popularity of toner refill kits, consumers are now turning to the Build Quality of toner cartridges. The reason is of course obvious. Users want their toner cartridges to last more than the recommended 3 refills, which presents potential savings in the long run. There is no longer a monopoly by OEM cartridges because third party manufacturers are also producing compatible toner cartridges that are able to meet the quality standards set forth for OEM consumables; but priced by at least 20% less.

The War of the Toner Cartridges, so to speak, is on and the brand that satisfies build quality the most will likely get a hefty share of the printer consumables market. This so called cartridge war will benefit the end user as both OEM and third party manufacturers will be determined to produce a toner formula that would capture the blackest black and the sharpest color prints.

What to expect in a build quality toner cartridge? Similar to OEM cartridges, the unit components of this type of cartridge include the Organic Photoelectric Drum (OPC), the Primary Charge Roller (PCR), magnetic rollers, wiper and doctor blades. But unlike the regular toner cartridge, the components of a build quality unit have been designed to last much, much longer than 1 or 3 print cycles. To further guarantee print quality; said cartridges are outfitted with durable seals and end foams to prevent toner leaks; to deliver optimum printouts up to the expected life cycle of the toner cartridge. Users should always check the label on the OEM cartridge packaging for this statement: The cartridge may contain recycled components. Cartridges built from recycled materials will definitely turn out with lower life cycles compared to those produced from virgin components.

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With build quality already secured, the user can now turn to the equivalent toner refill kit the other half of the printing partnership. OEM and refill toner undergo rigorous laboratory print tests to come up with the desired color quality. This test will produce printed pages of solid blacks and a series of halftones which would assure that text printed are sharp and clear. Color tests performed on cyan, magenta, yellow and black toner include complete solid prints on several gradations to reach as much as 250,000 color hues that is required for the printing of photos, graphs and other graphics. Since compatible toner also undergoes similar laboratory tests, this would further boost the stature of refill toner to really stand toe to toe with the OEM toner in the intent of giving users the best color printouts but at more affordable prices.

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A perfect example of compatible toner that meets or even exceeds industry standard is the toner supplied with the Brother TN-670 toner refill kit. Said consumable can be used to refill the cartridges of the Brother HL-6050, HL-6050D, HL-6050N laser printers. The kit retails at $13.95 and is likewise rated 7500 pages at 5% page coverage, just like its OEM counterpart. Compare this to the OEM toner cartridge that is sold at $85 and you definitely have a budget consumable at your disposal.

Always look for Build Quality toner cartridges to enjoy more than the standard refills and considerably save on toner consumable expenses.

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