Tips On Saving Paper In The Office And Its Effect To The Environment

Tips On Saving Paper In The Office And Its Effect To The Environment

Saving paper in the office is one practice that totally reduces waste, saves a lot in expenditures, and gives teeth to environmental concerns. Statistics reveal that offices across the United States consume at least 115 billion sheets of printer paper annually (World Watch Institute) or around 2-lbs of paper per person per day. In addition, this is expected to rise by over 50%, thus to curb paper consumption and arrest environmental degradation. Manufacturers of HP printers have some interesting solutions for this problem by realigning printing practices.

Some of the printing practices that HP (Hewlett Packard) want addressed deals with the current use of printer paper that are found to be wasteful. Saving paper in the office can reasonably be met by the following practices.

  • Practice double-sided printing. This simple act can reduce paper consumption by 50%, but only 20% of Americans are into this practice. If the percentage could be raised by 60%, at least 15million trees could be saved (Choose to reuse – David & Nikki Goldbeck).
  • Practice printing only on what is necessary. This applies to printing resources direct from the websites, which are found to be full of extras that cover the pages and consumes a lot of ink. Make use of the HP printer software, as it automatically redefines printing preference and prompts only what is necessary.
  • Practice modifying page layout. This can reduce the use of printer paper as it deals with reducing the print size  it is not always necessary to print full size. This applies particularly when printing multiple pages, as the reduced number could result in saving paper in the office.
  • Practice reconfiguring documents to fit the page. Making the adjustments on multiple documents to fit a single page is a practice that will really help.

Realigning printing practices based on the above recommendation by HP printers, will go a long way to help reduce use of office resources. Although trees as a raw material are sustainable, it will take 25 to 30 years before each can mature and be ready for harvest.

How can the environment benefit by saving paper in the office? The production of paper depends entirely on pulp derived from trees. The process of manufacturing creates by-products that are found harmful to the environment. To meet paper consumption in the U.S., nearly 70 million trees (American Forest and Paper Association) are felled annually, affecting forest cover and reducing their capabilities as effective carbon sinks. Paper manufacturing also pollutes water resources with the harmful by-product called dioxin, as 324 liters of water (Environment Canada) is flushed to produce only a kilogram of paper.

Next time you print, think of HP printer’s recommendations; show environmental concern, reduce dependence on printer paper and allow room to effectively follow practices that promote the objective of minimizing paper usage.

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