The Top 2012 Gadgets List

2011 left a string of gadgets, electronic devices and the likes in its wake; some are worth the hype but others are big disappointments. So, let us all pretend that all is well with the past year and welcome the new set of top 2012 gadgets, like the equally affable 2012 SmartPhones and the latest edition of Game Consoles that will be available this coming year.

I – SmartPhones

Much like in the past several years, SmartPhones will dominate consumers preference. Mobile communications will always be priority – since people have become so hooked-up and entirely dependent on these device that they simply can no longer live without it.

Apple iPhone 5 certainly tops the list of the most anticipated devices, which is a totally different version of the Apple iPhone 4s released in October 2011. Some of the trademark features would most likely be retained or enhanced while new functions will be added. But form factor is something to look forward to. While the last year model sold a million units on its first day of sale, expect the Apple iPhone 5 to do much better.

Samsung Galaxy S II will certainly not be left behind as the manufacturer took giant steps to improve the features of its Galaxy line and fine tune its functions in line with the developments available with the Android OS. Expect Samsung this year fiercely compete with Apple in terms of market share. If the sales in the past year would be the gauge (sold 10million units in 3months), the Samsung

Galaxy S III is indeed poised to become another top seller.

Nokia Lumia 800 will be Microsoft new Windows phone that will debut in the U.S. in early 2012. The unit boasts of a windows operating system that is readily compatible to the everyday activities of users. The

Nokia Lumia 800 as a work phone supports the easy set-up of MS outlook and comes with user-friendly operating functions.

QuadCore Smartphones will dominate the mobile device landscape in 2012. Such devices operate at blazing fast speeds – it is like putting into operation four sets of processors into one phone. All the major players will surely be delivering into the market their own version of QuadCore SmartPhones.

II – Game Consoles

Game consoles have had a long run of successes and crashes, but it is Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony Play Station 3 that dominated the gaming Industry. A revival is in the offing with the release in 2012 of these gadgets:

Xbox 720 game console recent release will feature the following: an 8-core processor, 3D gaming and 4K2K. It can also be played on multiple TV monitors via DP Connect; over live TV and webcam. In addition, the Xbox 360 game console is fitted with a GPS together with an active map to determine every other player location.

Nintendo Wii U is expected to regain its glory as it will remain the undisputed king and reign supreme over all game consoles. The new Nintendo Wii U will be blessed with more features, a new controller, 6-inch touch screen, built-in microphone, speakers, gyroscope, accelerometer, rumble and a camera.

Sony PlayStation Vita is a new addition to Sony portable line of game consoles, which dominated the gaming market with over 89 million units sold. The new Sony PlayStation Vita operates with a quad core processor and features a touch screen, 2 analog sticks, new form factor, 4 bit-color and higher resolution as well as improved pixel density.

III – Laptops and Tablets

Laptops and tablets will continue to be a very popular commodity this year, particularly for serious gadget buyers who make a living with the use of computers and those who need mobile devices that are more attuned to their activities and lifestyles.

Apple MacBook Pro will lead the assault in 2012 as everybody expects this premium gadget to finally be ingrained with the remarkable Retina Display Technology. Moreover, this new feature on the Apple MacBook Pro will produce the most stunning screen visuals that are unprecedented in the development of computers.

Apple iPad 3 will follow the lead of the Apple iPad 2. The latter created a huge following at the rate of at least 61.5% of the global demand for tablets. The so called Apple iPad 3 or sometimes coined as iPad HD is destined to be feature filled, as it is rumored to be outfitted with a quad core processor and HD resolution.

Ultrabooks will preoccupy the minds of consumers this coming year, since the trend is geared towards portability. Thus expect the release of more thinner and lighter notebooks that are more powerful in terms of processing speed and battery life than its more bulky counterparts. Computer manufacturers like Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba, and others will most likely vie for the most enthralling Ultrabook this 2012.

IV – Television

The world of television is abuzz this year as everybody is expecting the entry of Apple TV sets into our living rooms. This anticipation is fueled by what the late Steve Jobs said in his biography: that he finally cracked the mystery behind fixing and designing televisions.

Apple HD-TV is no longer a small box that Apple is fond of doing, but is an actual television set that should be invadinf our living rooms very soon. And with Apple name on this device, the Apple HD-TV version will not only provide viewing pleasure but also run applications and likewise provide users control over popular social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google.

With all the news and hype of the incoming gadgets in 2012, just sit, relax, and watch the events unfold to keep your enthusiasm ablaze and make the most out of it.

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