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The Real Deal About Toner Cartridge Smart Chips

From the looks of it, consumer advocates are unanimous in saying that toner cartridge smart chips a.k.a. reset chips are a ploy by printer manufacturers to entirely bar the refill of cartridge units with compatible toner. Who then can question the motives of advocates when the smart chip does not only serve the tracking of toner supply status but also includes all other functions that make it all too controversial?This includes a unique ID system that will only recognize an OEM toner cartridge coming from the same printer company through the serial numbers imprinted on the cartridge. The manufacturing date of the cartridge is also stored which likewise serves as basis in disabling printer operations once the expiry date is breached; as if toner really has an expiry date.

How does the smart chip work?The smart chip is a data memory bank integrated into the cartridge. The chip stores information about the printer type, cartridge serial number, the OPC drum total revolutions, the manufacturing date, number of pages counted (page count), amount of toner left and all other pertinent data. Data stored in the chip are communicated to the printer by way of radio frequency (RF) or infra red (IR) signal. And when certain limits are breached or perhaps when a non-compatible device is loaded, the chip automatically disables the printer operations. Example, the printer automatically responds when chip delivers information about the breached yield capacity or designated total revolutions in the case of the primary charge roller (PCR).

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Does the smart chip really furnish the laser printer with accurate information? Well, as culled from consumer testimonials over the Internet, the answer is a big NO because it has been noticed that the smart chip tends to disable printer operations even when a substantial volume of toner is still left in the cartridge toner chamber. This gives consumers the notion that smart chips were really devised to encourage the premature purchase of replacement cartridges while preventing the conduct of refills on the unit.

Well, these assumptions are likely wild speculations because the smart chip is an electronic device that must be subjected to ideal or laboratory-like conditions in order to function seamlessly. The smart chip operates with an RF circuitry and must be provided with a self-calibration feature to render it immune from damaging thermal conditions, noise, power deviations inside the cartridge and particularly during the manufacturing process as it passes through several variations factors that cause the chip to malfunction.

In the end, the cartridge should be outfitted with a high grade smart chip that passed superior standards set in its manufacture in order to get an accurate feedback of toner supply status, among others.

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