The Real Deal About Single-Pass Laser Printers

The history of color laser printers evolved much like the way inkjet printers advanced from monochrome printing several decades ago to the slick photo printers that are popular nowadays. In time, color laser printers will outstrip monochrome laser printers in sales as new laser printer technologies bring to the market high performing and yet affordable color units.

With the addition of single-pass laser printer technology, color printing has never been more simple and interesting than what multi-pass laser printers were capable of during its heyday. We are in a time warp as the future of color printing is now here today. Single-Pass Technology

What makes a single pass color laser printer unique is its technology that allows for more speedy color reproduction, increased print speeds for color outputs at the rate of 8 to 24 pages per minute or ppm. These speeds are now possible with color units as each of the 4 color toner cartridges operate with individual photoreceptor drums and rollers.

Under this printing method, transparencies circulate over 4 toner cartridge bins in just a single pass – which consequently resulted to faster printing at 4x the speed of multi-pass printers as well as increased ppm outputs . Theoretically however, furnishing the unit with 4 sets of drums and rollers – instead of just one, makes the single-pass laser printer a bit more pricey. HP 2600n and DELL 3000CN, are just few of the single-pass laser printers released in the market.

The multi-pass laser printer on the other hand delivers color prints at a relatively slower pace. The same sheet of paper is made to travel a longer path as it goes through four successive printing phases – one pass for each of the 4 toner cartridges. And because the sheet rolls over 4 times, the average printing speed for multi-pass printers is only between 3 to 5 ppm for color outputs.

Technically, the acquisition cost for multi-pass color laser printers should come out lower since only a single receptor drum is utilized for all the four-color toner cartridges. A reliable printer of this type is the HP3100 and the Canon MP6000, both of which are still in the market.

Color Laser Printing in the Future

In the future the single-pass color printer should dominate the printer market as most manufacturers are shifting gears towards this direction. For the moment, only 46% of the market is served by said printing technology. The main thrust of this new technology involves the capability to print high-resolution text and graphics in razor sharp, rich vibrant colors that are delivered at remarkable print speeds.

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