The Many Uses Of 3D Printers

The Many Uses Of 3D Printers

3D printing is still a technology shrouded in mystery. Just how can one produce a 3 dimensional object by simply using a printer? But reality is staring consumers in the eye and more often than not, we fail to recognize the significant contribution this new technology can bring to our lives, to businesses and even for the upkeep of the environment €“ particularly in line with the global conservation efforts.

Although investing in a 3D printer for now is quite financially restricting, the advantage of having one in offices, at home and in schools would actually redefine established norms and increase office productivity. So the invested capital in a profit organization for instance will upgrade efficiency and since the end product will be aesthetically appealing, it could raise sales as well. Here are a few instances that call for the use of a 3D printer.

Industrial Design and Architecture. Specific projects are usually more interesting when backed-up by scaled models. This traditionally practiced in engineering and architectural presentations. Preparing the scaled models takes a lot of time, a lot of man-hours and notwithstanding the amount of money invested in pursuing a decent presentation. With a 3D printer around, in-house preparation of scaled model will be a lot easier, cheaper and faster.  A scaled model for a building may take months to complete but with a 3D printer calling the shots, presentations can already be made in three days.

Technical Troubleshooting. Changes in the design of engineering parts and architectural components can actually be implemented immediately.  In the course of the development process, some specifics may need to be altered to satisfy the final outcome. Review of the images, when supported by a 3D printer, resolves pertinent issues and provide a win-win solution for everybody concerned.

Streamlining Procedures. For companies that outsource the preparation of specific models, a lot of the paper works that routinely comes with it can be dispensed with – just place the order and third parties can deliver the goods. And with a 3D printer, presentations can be done in-house, omitting entirely the hassles of outsourcing or contracting this extra job.

Closing a Deal. When it comes to marketing, nothing beats the presentation of thoroughly crafted scale models designed to impress clients, close the deal and merit the approval of the project as well.

If you are still hesitant to invest in a 3D printer, consider the benefits it is bound to create in the preparation of essentials that helps the office streamline the planning process. This in turn reduces dependence on non renewable resources. Read more about 3D printing from this post.

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