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Straight Paper Path Technology : How It Speeds Up Laser Printing?

Laser printers have always dazzled consumers because of the speed by which the machine turn out laser prints. Add the superb quality of the printouts, then you have the perfect printing machine that any office truly deserves. However just like any mechanical run equipment, the printing equipment has its own share of performance irregularities. In the case of the laser printer the most notorious mechanical failure is the tendency for paper fed to jam in the course of printing. This can be expected because the movement of paper inside the printer follows a snake like pattern, particularly with critical turns that require precise roller synchronization.

The latest print engine design adapted by the Industry is the straight paper path technology that ultimately makes paper jams irrelevant. This breakthrough technology feeds the media (paper) along a single, straight path that directs the paper’s movement from its entry at the loading tray and to its exit at the rear panel of the laser printer. The media movement is so simple and direct, and in fact increases print speed to double that of conventional laser printers. The HP LaserJet 2100 is a classic example of a laser printer running on a straight paper path technology. The presence of a rear output bin virtually eliminated the occurrence of paper jams.

Probably the only drawback to the HP 2100 is that the user retrieves the printed document from the rear end of the printer, which is really inconvenient since that would require additional rear space for the printer. But aside from the rear opening, everything else is in fine form including the C4096A OEM toner cartridge, which incidentally costs only $98.99 to replace and delivers 5,000 printed pages at the Industry mandated 5% coverage. Besides, the quality of printouts is guaranteed because it uses the HP Ultra Precise toner formulation that provides sharper texts and graphics. Moreover, the HP 2100 prints with the HP patented Resolution Enhancement Technology (RET) that adjusts accurately the size and locations of each dot on the page, resulting in smoother angles, curves and edges.

However if the user opts to cut back on laser-printing expenses, the HP LaserJet 2100 toner refill kit can aptly fill the void as an equivalent alternate consumable. The compatible toner refill kit comes retailed for only $10.95 and delivers similar performance as the OEM toner in terms of print quality and yield in printed pages. The compatible toner is manufactured and laboratory tested along the same fronts as the OEM toner which assures users that the toner would perform just as well.

Are you spending so much money on printing supplies? Save as much as 50% when you switch to compatible toner cartridges.

So, if a fast and dependable laser printer is a major requirement, pick the HP LaserJet 2100 that comes featured with the straight paper path technology.


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