Smell-O-Vision Printing : Adding Olfactory Appeal To Printed Pages

Smell-O-Vision Printing - Adding Olfactory Appeal To Printed Pages

Just when one thinks that laboratory technicians have done enough innovations to the printer, then comes scent printing. The forerunner of scent printing is the Smell o Vision inkjet printer that literally shoots-up scents into a page. Now this undertaking is possible and the experiment is based on the use of the modified garden-variety Canon Inkjet printer. Instead of ink, a formulation of scented fluid was used to print on paper.

Smell-o-Vision Printing Tests. The inkjet printer was chosen for the experiment because of its design that tolerates tiny pulses of substances  that becomes perfect for the tests. Through multiple pulses, accurate control of the substance is made possible; particularly when managing the scent and its overall effect on the printed page. Once the experiment is completed, users can expect to be treated with their favorite scents such as a whiff of roses, lemon, vanilla, and mint as books and magazines are opened and read.

For the moment though, tests reveals that the scent only lingers for a short while and do not cling as perfumes do. Instead, it dissipates instantly. Thus, producing the substance that can imitate the properties of perfume is still a mammoth task that may take months to complete. Besides, there are over a hundreds different scents and each user will have different preferences in terms of fragrance. Most likely, laboratory technicians will be obligated to provide a matrix of scents wherein users can readily pick the inkjet printer cartridge that appeal to one’s sense of smell.

The Future of Smell-o-Vision Printing. It is fairly possible that scent printing will be a potential addition to user printing requirements in the near future. The distribution of this technology may still be a long way off-target but the possibilities are quite intriguing and interesting because how can one resist reading a book or magazine when it smells entirely of cologne or perfume. This printing innovation might just see a rebirth of consumers being glued into books and magazines once again.

When the idea of scent printing or Smell-o-Vision was first brought out in the open, it sounded like a practical joke. After all, who would really be interested in the browse of scented media for documents? Perhaps a discriminating few! Moreover, what difference does scented paper make over plain coated book paper to enhance printed output? The answer could be a lot because the idea steam rolled and enticed scientists from the Keio University in Japan to take on the challenge. And based on recent study, the group from the University is finding a break through that eventually broke the Camels back, so scent printing will be possible.

Scent printing anyone? It could be sooner than one thinks.

Photo credit: Express Monorail / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

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