Small Color Laser Printer : Top 5 Of The Most Compact And Lightweight Units

Small Color Laser Printer : Top 5 Of The Most Compact And Lightweight Units

Meet the new generation, Mini Laser Printers!

Compact versions of many mainstream devices have always stirred the imagination of consumers. The market for PCs was overshadowed by the laptops a few years back and now, tablets are slicing off the latter€™s demand. There is also an interest for compact mini sedans, mini buses, mini keyboards and micro blogs. And now, mini laser printers are also slowly changing the desktop printing landscape.

The first laser printers took up a lot of room with a footprint that could very well dominate the office environment. With the entry of the small color laser printer, the beast has been tamed into a beauty. An example worth looking at is the Dell 1350cnw printer. The unit is an unpretentious color laser printer set with features that may be considered standard in top of the line laser printers. But one of its key selling points is that the unit is in fact a compact, lightweight wireless printer.

So when is a device classified as a mini or small color laser printer? The first basis is the footprint of the printer. Certainly, if the dimension is just a little over a foot in all directions and the cumulative weight is not over 50 pounds; then it is by all means a mini and lightweight laser printer. Below are 5 of the small color laser printers, classified under the lightweight wireless printer category.

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Dell 1350cnw
The Dell 1350cnw printer tops the small color laser printer list with a footprint equivalent to 0.93 cubic feet and weight of barely 23.36 pounds. This compact unit is so efficient that it can even be used for high volume print jobs. And the printer comes with wireless connectivity so that linking it to a networked environment is one of its strongest features.

Samsung CLP315w & Samsung CLP325w
Two Samsung brand printers step in at number two. Both models carry a 0.96 cubic feet footprint (by volume) and each weigh at 24.30 pounds. The weight is indeed minimal that anybody can move it around or send print jobs to it wirelessly. The end result: utmost convenience to the user.

HP LaserJet Pro CP1025nw
The HP Color e-Printer comes in at third place and carries all the fine features of a lightweight wireless printer as the weight of the printer is a measly 26.68 pounds. It is also heralded as the most energy efficient color laser printer given a power usage rating of only 295 watts while in operation, 8 watts in ready mode and 3.1 watts in sleep mode.

Brother HL3070cw
The Brother digital color laser printer made it to the list at number 4. While it is a bit bulkier by volume at 1.56 cubic feet and weighs in at around 41.90 pounds, it still more lightweight and compact than most of its counterparts.The unit being wireless is ideal for small and medium sized networked workgroups.

Lexmark C540dw
Another wireless color laser printer is at the tail end of our list. The Lexmark C540dw is the bulkiest among the top 5 with its footprint reaching 1.73 cubic feet by volume and its weight of 46.20 pounds.

The choices from the list of small color laser printer are pooled from the best lightweight wireless printers from each printer manufacturer. The lightest printer model came from Dell while the heaviest among the group comes from Lexmark.

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Take note that when it comes to mini color laser printers, the Dell 1350cnw printer is on the top of the list.

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