Simple Printing Tips that will Reduce Printing Costs

Simple Printing Tips that will Reduce Printing Costs

Digital technology is the best thing that happened to printing, but not without a price. The cost of replacement ink or toner is so expensive that tells on the office finances. Users simply have to exercise caution and modify printing practices to avoid excessive costs.

Printing cost is at the heart of the problem. But users had to live with it because digital printing offers convenience and turns out print shop documents at a fraction of the cost. Here are some tips that allow users to streamline printing practices and reduce costs.

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Select a printer with low CPP. It is all part of the business strategy to sell printers at a very low sticker price. Try to be skeptical, deals like this often put users at a great disadvantage. Once you factor in the cost and frequency of replacement inks, you will be paying more than what you bargained for. It seems ink and toner is inversely proportional to the cost of the printer. Low cost printers usually load on low-yield ink and toner cartridges. The bottom line, the pricier the upfront cost of the printer the lower will be the CPP (cost per page).

Avoid outsourcing. Do your printing in-house. If you only need a few brochures or document copies, avoid print outsourcing. Laser and inkjet printers can easily produce print shop quality prints at fragments of the cost. In-house printing delivers constant CPP of documents whether it is only for two or a hundred copies

Make duplex printing customary. Print on both sides as this will save you as much as 50% of paper use. At the end of the year savings could really be substantial, considering that use of paper is a hefty expense to deal with.

Print only when necessary. Exercise caution when printing, hard copies are seldom needed and are regularly bound to the trash can. Break the habit, consider instead of reading files direct on the computer monitor.

Use third party replacement inks instead of the OEM. This alone can save you a ton as OEM replacements are really expensive. Besides, third party replacement inks follow a similar manufacturing process with the OEM. This is an assurance that printing quality is not sacrificed.

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There are other tips that promote print cost savings, like adjusting printer ink settings because this determines the consumption and the number of pages printed. Also try to be wary of the printer’s low ink warning signals. Sensors sometimes give erroneous response and show low toner warning on the contrary.

The foregoing printing tips are common sense practices but can save you a lot in printing costs.

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