Simitri Toner: Konica Minolta Toner Reduces Printing Costs By 30%

Konica Minolta has reinforced its contribution to print technology with the release of the Simitri HD Toner. The Simitri is a second-generation toner that is purportedly designed to reduce printing expenditures by up to 30%. The Konica Minolta toner is also characterized to perform with less environmental impact €“ initially at the production process and when used in the course of printing. Technically, the Simitri toner has evolved further with the recent release of High Definition or HD toner cartridges that supports the turn out of more refined print quality.

Toner Particle Properties. In the manufacture of the Konica Minolta toner, minute resin particles are combined with color pigments and undergo a chemical induced process. This radical production process called polymerization produces smaller and uniformly shaped toner particles measuring less than 6 microns in size. The spherical shaped particles are able to process printouts of precise, stunning image clarity and unmatched print quality as compared to traditional manufacturing methods. In fact, the Konica Minolta toner is an upgraded polymerized version because toner particles are actually soft in the inside and hard on the outside. This is Konica Minolta’s Core Shell Configuration.

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Toner Fusing Temperature. The Core Shell Configuration allows toner to melt at lower temperatures. The hard outer core prevents individual toner particles from adhering to one another which reduces the tendency for the particles to clump together, particularly when Konica Minolta toner is stored for some time. Clumped toner affects print quality as restricted toner movement hinders the precise distribution of toner particles into raster images.

Toner Technology Cost Efficiencies. Smaller toner particles not only promote a cut down on toner consumption but also reduce fusing temperature to a pitch much lower than the average 200 degrees Fahrenheit that is required of most printers. Low fusing temperatures meanwhile translates into reduced energy consumption and thereafter, user savings. And with smaller and uniformly shaped spherical particles, toner waste generated in the course of printing is minimized; resulting to savings of over 30%. This way, more pages can be printed for every load of toner powder in cartridges.

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Toner Eco Friendly Features. The high environmental performance demonstrated by the Konica Minolta toner can be expected from a polymerized type of toner. Manufactured by way of a chemical procedure, the production of Konica Minolta Simitri HD toner bypasses a number of the energy squandering processes typical with conventional production methods.  Consequently, this reduces CO2 emissions to the atmosphere by up to 40%.

Remember that the Konica Minolta Simitri HD toner cuts printing related expense by 30% and radically contributes to the preservation of the environment.

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