Scan, Print, Fax and Copy Documents with Konica Minolta Bizhub 162 All-in-One Printer

Konica Minolta Bizhub 162 is a known multifunction printer with great competitive edge. It has all the essentials a business needs which includes a scanner, printer, fax and copier. This offers users great savings since they no longer have to purchase separate machines. In addition, this powerful machine is designed to fit even the tightest space in the office. Not only that, it also boasts 16 copies per minute and less than 30 seconds warm up time. Keep your documents professional looking with a resolution of 600×600 dpi. You can also print as much as 11,000 with its TN-114 toner cartridge.

The Bizhub 162 outrun most of its other counterparts, and with proper use of this machine, users can max out its performance and bring out its real capacity.


Make sure that the document page is straight and aligned to clearly optimize the characters. When scanning documents and texts, scan in black and white to reduce amount of data Optical Character Recognition (OCR) needs to process. Set the scanner resolution at 75 DPI and 100 DPI when scanning a standard 4×6 inch images. This will reduce taking too much bandwidth and memory when transmitting an image for online display.  Set the scanner to 300×300 dpi when scanning for photos for email and photo printing.


Use the right kind of paper. Since Bizhub 162 is a laser printer, use a laser paper for it.  Use the whitest of paper. Nowadays, there are papers available with brightness ranging from 84-100.  Avoid paper jams by carefully and stacking the papers neatly. Make sure that no paper is folded, staples or sticking out. Adjust your tray’s paper-size. When photocopying a smaller image, cover the back of the image with white paper to avoid printing unwanted characters or dark backgrounds.  Choose the correct output tray for your paper-size and paper type.


Preview ther document before printing. Adjust and shrink to fit the paper size. Use thinner fonts so less toner will be used to print.  Do not print directly from the web page. These take too much memory and bandwidth for transmittal. Always download the file before printing.  Split a large document selection into smaller sections.  Refrain from hitting resend when document is not printed in first try.


Include a cover letter. When sending a document, it is better to send a cover letter that includes a name, contact information of sender and recipient, and the office’s contact and fax number. Use the company’s standard cover sheet if available. Maintain privacy especially when sending confidential and sensitive documents. To make sure that the right recipient is at the end of another line, call first before sending the fax. Consider online fax services according to the company’s needs.

Make the most out of your Konica Minolta Bizhub 162 and save more money by using compatible TN-114 toner cartridge.

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