Samsung SCX-3201 : Smallest 3-In-One Laser Printer

Samsung SCX-3201 Smallest 3-In-One Laser Printer

Samsung has strengthened its market presence by launching the world’s sm’is primarily about one-touch convenience and high-end, multi-tasking versatility. This only means that with a simple touch of a button, one can explore all printing possibilities.

For instance, the Print Screen feature of the Samsung multifunction printer allows users to print whatever is displayed on the screen with just a simple press of the button; located right on the front panel for easy access. The one-touch eco-print button saves paper while the toner default setting regulates toner consumption automatically. Moreover, the same button permits the user to combine two pages into a single printout which ultimately reduces toner consumption, minimizes toner cartridge replacement while increasing overall efficiency.

All-in-one Convenience. Never forget that the SCX is a multifunction printer. It is literally 3 devices rolled into one and its mere presence will not add clutter to the office environment. Performance is probably the other name of the SCX-3201. The unit delivers consistently, irrespective of what bundled device is being used. Designed for printing, copying and scanning jobs, expect the printer to work tirelessly. It is also a silent worker as emitted sound pressure levels in the course of printing is limited to a maximum of 49 dBA. Therefore, the sounds produced while in operation could hardly add up to existing noise levels in the workplace.

In the end, if a user needs a laser printer that is considerably small but packed with giant features, the SCX3201 Samsung multifunction printer more than fits the bill.

Photo by Stuart Miles

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