Samsung Printers : Improved Image Processing Technology

Samsung printers have risen above the competition. They have metamorphosed better than the others in comparison. Improved image processing built into each printer did it for Samsung.

Improved image processing technology made it all possible.Samsung new printers for sale are equipped with the latest RECP Technology or Rendering Engine for Clean Pages. It tries to break printing barriers to deliver exceptional or razor sharp texts, clean images and visually stunning prints. The new technology includes the use of an entirely new polymerize toner (EA-R). In turn improving or optimizing printouts to deliver breakthrough, professional image quality. Users therefore get outstanding print quality that is totally different from the closest competitor.

Cloud printing has become second nature. While cloud printing is not standard in other printers, Samsung built this functionality into each new printer. This allows users to print from anywhere – a feature of Samsung Smart Wi-Fi Direct Print Service. The process is actually simple and easy. With just a push of a button, users can process documents. It is a feature that is accessed through Samsung Print Application to process documents from selected Android OS, iOS, and Windows OS devices. It is simply a service intended for users always on the go and therefore needing the cloud application to print.

New generation Samsung printers offer complete device management. Printing just becomes a feature of the overall scheme. With the SmarThru TM function of the printer, paper documents are digitally copied for fast and precise archiving  allowing convenience in indexing and file retrieval. In turn, this feature simplifies sharing of information between departments. This application is made possible via fax messaging and e-mail. In addition, device usage within the office environment is precisely monitored with Samsung SyncThru TM device management solution. It offers complete control from accounting to even hardware setting.

Toner consumption is custom designed to manage printing expenditures. The economical mode introduced into the printer is what made it all possible. This application helps businesses custom design toner consumption. It includes features such as forced duplex printing and toner save settings.

The system involves the innovative print driver so that users can control, delete or copy images. Use of the system will automatically reduce paper usage and cut-down on toner consumption. This is a feature of Samsung new releases which is not available with older printer models.

Remember, innovative printing application can only come from Samsung improved image processing technology. This is the feature that makes Samsung printers different from the rest.

Photo credit: Samsung Newsroom via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

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