SAMSUNG CLP610 : Budget Laser Printer Meets Compatible Toner Refill Kit

Color laser printers have ceased to be an equipment for offices and the affluent few. For as little as $300, a unit can already be purchased in the market. Being budget-priced however does not mean low-end because some models priced at this category deliver printouts at fast speeds, lower cost per page (CPP) and even higher duty cycle. This is the void Samsung CLP610nd color laser printer has endeavored to fill. A single pass color laser printer relatively intended for users with modest budgets, the printer promises to be both a performance wizard and cost miser that would help minimize color- printing expenses while delivering unequalled print quality.

Unlike other printers of this class, the Samsung CLP610nd has a built-in duplex feature for automatic printing on both sides of the paper. This would provide significant reduction in color printing expenses, particularly on transparencies, through years of operation. Moreover, the 128 MB onboard memory can be expanded to 384 MB since the printer’s motherboard is outfitted with a parallel slot where a 256 DIMM (dual in line memory module) can be added. The increase in onboard memory allows the printer to cope-up and churn out color prints containing intricate details. Samsung rated the CLP610’s speed at 21 pages per minute (PPM) for both color and monochrome prints.

Replacement cartridges are available at $119 for the monochrome cartridge and $129 each for the color cartridges. The monochrome toner cartridge (CLP K660B) comes rated with a yield capacity of 5,500 pages at 5% coverage. Meanwhile, the 3 other color cartridges (CLP C660B, CLP M660B and CLP Y660B) are expected to deliver 5,000 pages also at 5% coverage. For these cartridge costs and expected yield in printed pages, the CPP is pegged at 10.2 cents for color and 2.4cents for monochrome documents. This CPP may not be the lowest in the Industry, but when complemented by its automatic duplex system, certainly the CPP could really be significantly lowered.

If the Samsung CLP610 toner refill kit is used to replenish the toner supply of empty Samsung cartridges, can it support the printer’s speed and performance?

Of course! Compatible toner supplied with the kit is manufactured along similar processes as the OEM toner. By that, toner performance and yield in printed pages is hereby guaranteed to duplicate the OEM toner. However, compatible toners are distributed at a much lower price, unlike OEM toner cartridges (bundled cost $506). The rainbow pack toner refill kit is available for only $153.95 while each of the 4 color replacement toner are retailed for $48.95. Moreover, toner refill kits cuts toner consumable expenses down even further, as Samsung toner cartridges can withstand 3 to 4 subsequent toner refills.

Wants crisp, laser print quality and performance at a much lesser cost? Get a Samsung CLP-610 toner Refill Kit.

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