Samsung CLP-325W Wireless Color Laser Printer : Good Things Come In Small Packages!

Samsung CLP-325W Wireless Color Laser Printer Good Things Come In Small Packages

Samsung believes that the color printer must complement any office environment instead of being an odd device isolated from the office perimeter. The Samsung wireless laser printer, while small and compact comes equipped with a bunch of powerful features. This reinforces the belief that good things really come in small packages.

Small Footprint, Low Noise Level. The CLP325W Samsung wireless laser printer was designed to carry a really small footprint so precious desk space can be saved while operating at a very low noise level so as not to disrupt office personnel glued to their work. Moreover, the Samsung CLP325W is aesthetically revealing that it can be a gem instead of a thorn in the office clutter.

Speedy, Wireless Printer with a Modest Price Tag. All the plus factors in a color laser printer are integrated into the CLP325W. For one, the CLP325W can turn out monochrome printouts at the rate of 17 ppm (pages per minute) and retards at around 4 ppm for color prints. Moreover, the unit offers wireless networking so that connectivity will not be a pain in the back, particularly when used as a network printer involving a series of PCs. The CLP325 is the best color printer in its category. Given its retail price of $199, this unit should be affordable to a lot of users.

Advanced Polymerized Chemical Toner. For this printer, Samsung has deviated from the conventional chemical and water grown emulsion aggregate toner that has been the Industry standard for the past 3 decades. Samsung has engineered a polymerized chemical Samsung toner that is vaunted to be much better than the (EA) Emulsion Aggregate counterpart.

Samsung for its part discovered that polymerized chemical toner creates high resolution, high gloss finish over printouts. And in addition, polymerized chemical toner delivers more durable prints, due to its inherent fusing qualities. Thus with better fusing, Samsung toner guarantees the prints to be preserved indefinitely with lesser image distortion and tapering.

Polymerized chemical Samsung toner is new in the Industry, yet Samsung is spearheading the use; likely seeing its potential. Being a new product, there is now a raging battle in Congress over its impact on environmental pollution. Samsung is one of the more environmentally conscious, if not the most eco-friendly, laser printer manufacturers and certainly with a committed research crew, they have found something that Congress is just starting to unravel. Polymerized chemical toner will be the next big thing in laser printing that will totally revolutionize the way users print.

So if users think that Samsung can now rest on its laurels because of its CLP325W Samsung wireless laser printer innovation and the breakthrough Samsung toner, think again and wait for the next innovation in color laser printing because it will surely come from Samsung.

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