Risograph Printing System : What Makes It Better Than Other printers?

Remember the mimeograph a few decades back? It is the basic printing technology that launched the risograph printing system. While mimeograph printing is handled manually, risograph is digital; similar to LED (light emitting diodes), laser and inkjet printers. Due to the nature of this technology, the risograph digital printing system is probably the fastest; operating at printing speeds much faster than any LED and laser printer models available in the market. It is a widely accepted fact that risograph printers can deliver over 130 pages of document per minute (PPM) and the machine can survive up to five million copies in its lifetime.

How does a Risograph printer works? The RISO printer as commonly called is a combination of photo-scanner and printer. The original document is first scanned through the machine to therefore create a master copy. This is done by means of very tiny heat spots on the thermal plate. The process involves burning voids in the master sheet that corresponds precisely to the image areas that need to be printed. Once the image has been formed, the master sheet wraps around a drum and ink is forced fed into the voids. As the drum rotates at high-speeds, paper runs flat into the drum completing the printouts.

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The master sheet making, thermal head component, is the key to this digital printing system because this is where the image is formed similar to the OPC (organic photo-conductive) drum of laser or LED printers. The simple technology used by risograph printers is highly reliable compared to other printer systems. Owing to this, smooth printing operation follows and expect faster printing speeds, much better than the nearest competitor.  And it is by far, the most cost efficient printer in the industry, delivering the lowest CPP (cost per page), when print number exceeds 50sheets.

The RISO Printer Lifetime. The machine for this digital printing system is designed to last really long, considering that it can go through 100,000 copies of master sheets. And the technology infused into the printer is so durable that it can survive up to 5 million printed copies of seamless printing sequences. The above average quotient of reliability of RISO printers makes it the ideal choice for schools, clubs, colleges and other applications with short-run printing requirements. Risograph printing crosses the thin line that separates most standard photocopiers and commercial printers or equipment that caters to volume printing.

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Next time there is a need for a reliable digital printing system that can reasonably cope with low-cost and excellent high-volume printing, think of RISO printers as these machines are designed to meet any printing necessity.

Photo credit: joanofarctan via Foter.com / CC BY-NC

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