Reuse and Recycle Old Electronics: The Environmental Benefits

Did you know that the reuse and recycle of old electronic devices benefits the environment immensely? Although reusing is entirely different from recycling both offer benefits pertinent to the upkeep of the environment.

There are millions and millions of electronic gadgets being manufactured globally each year. And the refuse will be so huge if left to rot in landfills. It therefore makes a lot of sense to reuse or donate or recycle old electronic gadgets that have been outmoded, no longer serviceable or perhaps has lost its aesthetic appeal.

What to do with used paper, aluminum cans, glass, printer cartridges and electronics? We’ve got cool recycling ideas just for you.

Reuse: The usual gripes about old electronic gadgets are centered around performance and noticeably on its looks. Most devices have upgrade options so that old models can operate at par with newly released models in terms of performance. Laptops or computers for instance have built-in upgrades to increase processing speed and RAM memory or install new OS to improve performance. The aesthetics of the gadget however is an entirely different thing because previous models won’t look as good as the new one in terms of shape, size, weight and in looks. However, some makeover process like refurbishing is available to make old gadgets appear new again.

Donate used electronics: Gadgets that are way pass its prime but still in good operating condition are given to charitable institutions. Some people trash is gold to the others. Most of the collected electronic gadgets are packed and sent to developing countries that can make extensive use of the old gadgets. Delete completely all personal files and take the batteries out before sending your gadget for donation. These devices are recycled separately.

Recycle old electronics: Most gadgets that enter recycling facilities are dismantled and important parts are recovered. Recycling two million laptops for instance is equivalent to providing energy to 7,000 U.S. households annually. Two million cellphones generate 70,000 pounds of recoverable copper, 150 pounds of gold, and around 70 pounds of palladium. It does not yet include the amount of natural resources conserved and CO2 prevented from contaminating the environment.

Remember that if you fail to reuse, recycle or donate used electronics, this can be a disservice to the environment. Now that we are met with vanishing reserves, all effort must be made not just to recycle old electronics but all other things, including equipment manufactured from virgin materials.

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Next time you tire of an electronic gadget, there are options to reuse, recycle or even donate used electronics but never toss it into the trash bin.

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