Regular Maintenance + Quality Laser Paper Helps Extend Laser Printer Life

Trouble-free operation is generally manifested in the first year run of a brand new laser printer. From then on, many regular laser printer users have noticed diminishing unit efficiency which eventually compelled them to immediately acquire a replacement unit to sustain printing requirements. While it is typical for machine efficiency to slowly deteriorate with the passing of time, this can be managed through proper equipment maintenance as well as in the exclusive use of specified laser printer transparencies or paper. Disregard for the conduct of regular printer maintenance as well as use of questionable transparencies likely prompted the early retirement of the laser printer.

Laser Printer Maintenance

Laser printers, just like any other equipment, require periodic cleaning and maintenance. Experts recommend printer cleaning twice a year. As much as possible, allow only professional laser printer technicians to render maintenance work on your printer. Expert technicians usually complete maintenance work in a matter of 40 to 45 minutes.

Laser Printer Paper

Meanwhile, users need to be very selective in the use of paper to feed the laser printer. Understand that papers differ in substance, formulation, grade, weight and finish. And while regular stock paper can be used, take note that toner powder embeds efficiently on the fibers of hard stock paper.

When using coated paper on the other hand, be very particular over the clay content of the transparency as paper with higher clay density percentage tends to swell during the winter months. This makes paper abrasive to printer components; thus increasing the incidence of paper jams and likewise contributing to the wear and tear of components it comes in contact with. By using quality paper, you not only reduce the occurrence of paper jams but also avoid expensive service calls for your laser printer.

Always make it a habit to have your laser printer serviced annually, because a clean and fine tuned printer will provide users trouble free printing year after year and allows dollar savings in the process.

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