Refurbished HP Maintenance Kits : A Get Around To Pricey Laser Printer Servicing

Refurbished HP Maintenance Kits - A Get Around To Pricey Laser Printer Servicing

Laser printers need maintenance kits and servicing in order to perform seamlessly again after a prescribed period has lapsed. The reason is of course anchored towards maintaining the tolerances of printer parts that have succumbed to wear and tear, following some prescribed limit such as the number of pages printed for printers. Hewlett Packard laser printers for instance are provided with HP printer maintenance kits such as the P3005 maintenance kit, which is intended for the laser printers HP4000 and HP 4050.

Inside the Box. HP printer maintenance kits come supplied with all the necessary parts that are expected to wear out over time so that moving components can be replaced and their pertinent function restored. Bundled with the P3005 maintenance kits are paper pick-up rollers, paper feed or separation rollers; a transfer roller and the fuser assembly. Take note that these are critical laser printer components.

The rollers for example are made of silicon and rubber materials that easily wear out due to prolonged contact with paper; particularly surface abrasiveness and dust. Meanwhile, rollers that serve the fuser incur a short performance time due to heat and pressure that makes it prone to warping.

Technician Maintenance Services. Hewlett Packard recommends the services of legitimate HP technicians to conduct the standard maintenance work and replace worn out parts. This way, proper installation can be observed and printer operations can be restored. However, the servicing rates of HP technicians plus the cost of the OEM maintenance kit can be quite restrictive to most users. Consequently, users purposely delay printer maintenance which in turn renders damage to the printer.  This is likely the drawback of OEM HP printer maintenance kits.

Do-It-Yourself Maintenance. Many users in the know now opt for a do it yourself or DIY, refurbished maintenance kit. The refurbished P3005 maintenance kit may be cheaper by $50 against the $180 OEM counterpart, but it’s the ability to get around the high cost of servicing, expended from OEM maintenance kits that really entice users to patronize DIY maintenance kits.

Refurbished HP printer maintenance kits provide users with an illustrated guide that makes the replacement rather easy. Users will just have to harness their hidden technical skills to conform to pertinent maintenance procedures. Nonetheless, utter disregard of manufacturer instructions and maintenance schedules could cause component damage. Repairs will really be expensive, if the unit can be repaired at all. So it pays to be careful when replacing worn out laser printer parts with the P3005 maintenance kit.

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