Going Green With Consumables

Recycle Toner Cartridges Now!

Go Green! This is probably one of the most aggressive and influential campaigns in America today. Almost everywhere we look, we find advertisements and posters enticing people to recycle. Even on the Internet, we find articles and blogs on how to recycle products that we normally throw away to the garbage bin. One example is the empty toner cartridge.

Yes, toner cartridges can be recycled! Just purchase a compatible toner refill kit online and follow the refill procedures on the manual. After which, you will be able to reuse the cartridge. Furthermore, you can refill the cartridges for up to 3 times, as recommended.

No need to worry about the process of refilling empty toner cartridges since the procedure has been made simple by third party manufacturers of compatible toner. Users will simply have to open a fill plug or create a fill hole in the case of melt and pour toner cartridges, dump residual toner lingering at the toner hopper and finally close the fill hole right after the bin has been replenished with fresh toner powder. The process only takes 5 to 10 minutes complete and an illustrated instructional guide accompanies every kit purchased.

With the refilled toner cartridge, users get to save more than 50% on printer consumable expense since toner refill kits are generally cheap. For instance, a Dell 1100 toner refill kit costs $20 while an OEM replacement is being retailed at $90. With only $20 to spend, users will achieve high quality prints and yield of 3,000 pages at 5% coverage (just like the OEM toner cartridge) because compatible toner supplied with every kit has been expertly engineered to match the specifications and performance of the OEM toner.

This is just one way to help the environment. Pretty easy to do and you get to save a few bucks in the process. Start recycling toner cartridges now.

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