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Quality Toner Plus Good Fuser Equals Excellent Laser Prints

Laser printers are designed with several components working in sync to deliver the laser printouts that appeal to most consumers. Each printer component contributes to the entire printing process.

The laser scanning assembly transforms information originating from the PC into dots. The OPC drum forms the image while the mechanical components move the paper. But what dictates printout quality is the make of toner particles supplied with the cartridge and the fuser assembly that bonds toner to paper.What is quality toner? This refers to toner manufactured on the merits of sound substance formulation; properly controlled particle shape and size, and low melting points.

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Quality toner also passed stringent laboratory tests to guarantee the expected yield and print performance. Toner powder formulation for the OEM HP CC364A toner cartridge and the HP P4015 toner refill kit falls under the category of quality toner. And since compatible toner powder is manufactured based on the same set of standards as the OEM toner i.e. weight properties, particle shape, melting point and water based emulsion technology then expect both toners to deliver similar print quality and yield of 24000 pages at 5% coverage.

What is a good fuser? The fuser assembly outfitted with the laser printer generates the temperature required to melt toner powder and allow it to bond with paper fibers. When the fuser assembly is categorized as good, a permanent bond with paper is produced and toner will therefore not peel off or rub off from the final print. Therefore, it is really important that the fuser assembly can generate heat that alternates from 180 degrees Fahrenheit to as much as 210 degrees Fahrenheit.

If heat is lower than what is specified, this will result to half baked toner particles peeling off from the medium. Now if heat is over the mandated limit, paper can get scorched and break into splinters. Critical to the laser printer operation is the heating element that should reach the specified temperature range rapidly to match the print engine’s speed and a sane thermistor that regulates the heat emitted effectively. Moreover, the fuser assembly must be durable enough to last extended periods of printing.

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When laser printing, be sure to pick the right quality toner whether from OEM sources or from the aftermarket such as the compatible toner supplied with the toner refill kit. Likewise conduct an efficiency inspection of the fuser assembly. Quality toner plus a properly functioning fuser assembly will produce the desired prints.

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