Quality Assessment Testing Improves Toner Cartridge Technology

Quality Assessment Testing Improves Toner Cartridge Technology

The quality assessment testing performed on toner cartridges simply imputes how rigorous methods have been employed in testing the integrity, not only of the polymer casing, but that of the cartridge’s internal components and supplied toner powder as well. With most cartridge manufacturing laboratories, at least 500 cartridge units are randomly picked to undergo thorough destructive testing. Some are selected to deliver at least 500 pages of print while others are print tested until the cartridge runs out of toner. Consequently, a team of independent experts is invited to observe the entire testing process and submit thorough evaluation to ensure that the cartridges produced meet quality standards and sustain a degree of reliability.

These tests are made to mimic varying conditions that the cartridges are subjected to in a real world situation. So why do cartridges undergo destructive testing? One scenario involves the handling of these cartridge units. Let’s take it that users, even though how careful they can be, may accidentaly drop a cartridge while in transit which could break or crush the unit. Since this is probable, what do you think will happen to grams of toner powder once exposed to open air? Another scenario likewise tested is the cartridge’s propensity to withstand diverse temperatures. What will happen to the cartridge unit if left inside a car in the middle of the day and exposed to extreme heat? Now what if the user forgot to close the office window and exposed the toner cartridge to the chilly night time air? Will the cartridge succumb to cold temperature? What about if cartridge has been left unused in storage for say 3 years, will the unit still be able to come up with decent prints?

The degree of reliability of a toner cartridge unit will finally be ascertained after it is subjected to quality assessment testing. Said procedure would appease users that, indeed, the consumable is worth every cent paid for. At the same time, quality assessment testing serves as the barometer by which cartridge integrity is gauged against all the other cartridges in the printer consumables market. Any unsound design lapses will drive manufacturers to correct flaws and thereby improve employed toner cartridge technology. A big portion of Research and Development money is allocated to improve cartridge capability, particularly toner development that dictates print quality and costs as well. In the end, better cartridge and toner quality implies longer end life and almost foolproof dependability for the cartridge.

Remember that toner cartridge units have undergone quality assessment testing to thus tremendously improve technology employed in its production.

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