Printers Now Ready For Mobile Printing In 2012

Printers Now Ready For Mobile Printing In 2012

The year 2012 will be a banner year for inkjet and laser printers since new releases will be rearmed to adapt to various web based applications. Printers need to be upgraded in order to keep up with the requirements for mobile printing. Printing directly from a mobile device is termed cloud printing and was started by Apple AirPrint over a year ago. The initial cloud printing capable models were limited mostly to HP printers. But with the proximity of Google Cloud Print solutions, cloud printing is now made available to all users as all printers will be enabled for this service or else they will be left in the fray.

The future of Cloud Printing. Apple AirPrint started it all by utilizing its battery of hand-held devices to perform mobile printing through Internet e-mail web based applications. HP ePrint followed thereafter, but access to cloud printing was still limited.

The release of Google Cloud Print has made the cloud-printing feature available to printers of differing brands and for access by users of various mobile devices. Expect to see this materialized anytime soon as printers from different manufacturers will be due for this innovation in 2012. In fact, Lexmark and Canon already released proprietary web based applications called Lexmark’s SmartSolutions and Easy PhotoPrint respectively.

The Conveniences of Mobile Printing. Gone were the days when images captured from mobile phones and other mobile devices need to be downloaded to a PC for editing and printing. Besides, the set-up is cumbersome and time consuming as the snapped photos can only be shared through e-mail applications. With Google CloudPrint, images and web pages can be forwarded directly to the printer and likewise to other printers through the Internet (e-mail). This web-based application makes direct printing possible from a mobile device to a printer without logging in to a PC.

The Cloud Ready Printer. Almost all inkjets and laser printers in 2012 will come bundled with the cloud ready feature as an option. This will only mean that said printers would be provided with unique e-mail addresses to access this particular web-based application. And the user’s mobile device, say a mobile phone, communicates with the printer via the Google CloudPrint application. Of course, these printers need to be hooked to the Internet; otherwise cloud printing will not work.

Aside from Apple AirPrint that took the lead in cloud printing, along with HP ePrint, Lexmark SmartSolutions and Canon Easy PhotoPrint, printer manufacturers like Brother, Epson, Samsung and several others will soon come up with a similar application. In fact, a line of small printers has included RSS and weather news feed as an added feature, readable through the printer’s LCD screen. All these mobile printing activities are made possible through wireless technology.

Remember that Apple AirPrint started mobile printing via wireless connection protocols and channeled it through e-mail an application widely available today, as more printers will be cloud ready in 2012.

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